The hunt for the Red Hulk begins


Marvel has announced that the new generation of Hulk hunting begins in Hulk #30.1 that arrives in March 2011.  Stalking Rulk is General Fortean, who understands and knows how General Ross (the Red Hulk – SPOILERS!) thinks.   The issue is written by Jeff Parker, with art by Gabriel Hardman.

“With the arrival of General Fortean, the cycle of the great hunt begins again in Hulk. But having been the hunter before, the Red Hulk will do things differently. And having watched his commander- Ross- all those years, so will Fortean” explained writer Jeff Parker. “It’s classic Hulk big action that breaks new ground- breaks it to pieces, really.”

“Fortean is more dangerous to Red Hulk than an adversary that matches him in strength alone. Fortean can think like Ross,” added artist Gabriel Hardman. “As an artist, knowing how a character thinks is the key to drawing them. So when these characters meet, I’ll be drawing a lot of well thought out smashing.”

Marvel promised all new terrifying villains for the Red Hulk to fight in 2011, so I guess we’ll just have to see how it all plays out.  Hulk #30.1 has a cover price of $2.99.

via Marvel