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  1. Blackthunder01 on

    Still not a bad look. I just realized though … there is no blood stain/hole in the shirt from where she’s supposed to get impaled with a spike in the opening scene.

    Still some nice art. A bit too dirty and a bit too much gear (plus a missing quiver for the bow) but still nice.

    • I almost posted “She’s a dirty, dirty girl”

      But it is an amazing image, really conveys that she’s not some “fragile” thing (not that she ever seemed like one) and really puts herself out there. Previous game images always looked too “flawless” and clean for what she does.

  2. The pick hammer reminds me of Juno from “The Descent”. Another tough woman who didn’t mind getting dirty.

    This looks good, visually.

  3. I get the opposite feeling from everyone else here. She looks -less- badass than before; more toned down. She used to be a cross between Bayonetta and Tifa, now she looks like a female version of Nate Drake.

    That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and a good game is a good game regardless. I just don’t see what everyone’s talking about in their analysis.

  4. Blackthunder01 on

    I too don’t understand why everyone thinks she looks tougher. Maybe I’m reading into the image after reading the press release about her. The fact of the matter is they’re being very vocal about her being the opposite of tougher. They’re intentionally making her weaker.

    And as posters above have stated, she does indeed look like a Resident Evil/Uncharted character now … but that’s what they wanted. Apparently Tomb Raider isn’t a brand that can stand on it’s own any more. It has to mimic all the people that owe their existance to this franchise just to survive.

    • I don’t know why but if I look at say Pierce Brosnan all dressed up in his dapper suit and tie and clean as a whistle and then look at Daniel Craig looking rather dirty and a bit bloody, I tend to imagine Daniel Craig as being more badass and tough than Brosnan. Plus, the more or at least slightly more utilitarian outfit puts off more of a believeable fighter/adventurer/raider of tombs.

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