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  1. Wow, Rodimus Prime, I can’t wait to rent this on dvd ‘cuz there is no way I’m paying 20$+ to go see this at the movies.

    • You call yourself a Transformer fan yet you are clueless do you honestly think that the robot in the trailer is Rodimus Prime. Hotrod becomes Rodimus and Hotrod is the Red Ferarri in the movie, the robot in this clip is eather Sentinal Prime (Optimus’s fateher) or it maybe even someone with even more history behind him.
      As for the movie plot you guys really can’t blaim Bay he didn’t wright the story he just made the movie.

      • actually the red ferarri is mirage. I know wheeljack is in dark of the moon and Sentinal Prime is Voiced by the legendary Leonard Nimoy.

  2. wow this would have been an awesome open… for the first movie. It’s like the big reveal for “Empire Strikes Back” being SOME PEOPLE HAVE LIGHTSABERS!


  3. so because we all have been disappointed, and we all know it’ll be a 3d ripoff, what about plot? Prequal? With Rodimus it may have an Ultron bit… but it seems like they already discounted that with too much bad backstory in TF2.

    • Seen how this particular movie franchise is pretty much dead, I think they’ll break out the big guns: Dinobots, Sixshot, Metroplex(that I would go to see in 3d) and possilby Unicron as the main villain. Nothing short of that will save this for me, if they go with an autobot civil war between Rodimus and Optimus I’m dodging this movie when they show it on tv…

  4. Liked: exploring an ancient ruin, on the moon. And it has a human face, like the face on Mars. I’m in.

    Didn’t like: Bay’s robotics animations have never done it for me. I have no idea how realistic they are, if at all, but they don’t feel like they make any actual sense. Also, it doesn’t seem much like the toys. The new transformers are more like very fine legos, or even like Odo from Star Trek Deep Space Nine. They can take any shape wanted. Which sort of defeats that awesome visual of certain features taking on multiple functions.

    What I liked about the original Transformers was that, for example, a crane might turn into an arm. It was a way to think creatively about the space around us in our everyday world. But the crane-arm still looked like a crane. In other words, it brings to life our pattern-finding human brain feature.

    I’m not so sure I want to see that it’s all done with micro-robots, or nanites. That’s a different franchise.

    It sort of reminds me of the Star Wars midichlorians. Only in Transformers you actually get to see the midichlorians at work. How could would that have been, if in Star Wars they zoomed down to the sub-cellular level and showed midichlorians at work?

    Actually that might be kind of awesome. Would they be levitating proteins? Would the dark side and light side midichlorians fight each other? Would they wield miniature light sabers?

  5. Just wanted to make the point that as far as I know, it’s called “Dark of the Moon”, not “Dark SIDE of the Moon” like the title of the article.

    Normally I’m not this nitpicky, but I think we do it a diservice to class up its cheezy and nonsensical titles.

  6. It is called “Dark of the Moon,” which makes absolutely no sense. Oh, wait, it’s Michael Bay, nevermind, sense was never an option.

  7. Here’s where I’ll stand on the movie, I’ll probably see it because it might have some really cool visuals but I’m not going in expecting a really good movie. I really did like the first Transformers movie, so I went into the Revenge of the Fallen with (cautiously) high expectations and was sorely disappointed. If I had had my expectations a little lower I might have enjoyed RotF more, simply for it’s visual effects. I really hope there’s a giant spider in this one.

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