Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D and D podcast
Celestial Crusade

This episode: The assault on the team reaches a climax! Who Will Live!? WHO WILL DIE!?


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  1. A game of Gamma World DMed by Matthew, Brian, Rob or Alex would be awesome-sauce(since we’ve already heard Rodrigo and Stephen have a go.)

    Also, when did Matthew and Rob become rivals?

    • Beginning of the season. Ket took an instant dislike to Torq and it all spiraled out from their.
      There were moments in the past season too, Mathew mentioning Rob seeing little red honda bearing down on him, but it really became good this season.

    • Also, when did Matthew and Rob become rivals?

      I had to convene an emergency session of Parliamant, as he was encroaching on my decrees, and we can no longer rule as Two Kings. Rob would, however, make a kickass duke.

  2. Classic Gamera song reference, Matthew! Thanks for a particularly awesome laugh-out-loud moment. I flashed back to MST3K instantly and was chuckling for the rest of the day.

  3. General gameplay question: why aren’t monster knowledge checks used? I’ve listened to every episode and don’t recall hearing this used, or even inquiry by the players. PCs make a knowledge check and depending upon strength of role know nothing, something or a lot about newly encountered monsters. Seems like this could be very useful to possibly know how to counter, oh, say, soul-sucking monsters before you start tangling with them. Would like to hear Rodrigo’s thoughts as well as players about this aspect of gameplay.

    • Here are my thoughts on it: I have no idea why the players don’t use them. I’ve told them about it before. Granted Stephen and Matthew probably don’t remember because out of the truckload of information they’ve processed as new players this particular thing is not terribly important. Brian and Rob, however have no excuse.

    • How would that work? Rodrigo has said many times that his monsters are skin jobs of other monsters, there is no way they could know what habilities they have (in character or not), I think it’s a great move. Ron and Smith are veterans of the game, had Rodrigo used normal monsters they would recognise them and know their powers/weaknesses, this way they have to figure out what to do in the heat of battle for that extra difficulty/hilarity factor. Also they are in another plane of existance they have never been before, I don’t think there is an in game explanation of how they could know what a creature they just met can do.

      • It would work like this:

        Rob: Can I make a monster knowledge roll on this critter?
        Me: Yes, make an arcana check
        Rob: 30
        Me: From the ambient arcane energy around it you can tell that fire would not be effective against it, also your disgusting familiar informs you that it is likely to have a similar vulnerability to radiant damage as he.

        and then I’d read off the stat block out of character.

        Monster knowledge should be related differently depending on which character is actually making the roll (although the info should be the same) , I believe this to be true regardless of the setting.

        • Cool, I assumed that since no one was making them that your house rule of skin jobs prevented this and was the reason no one tried it. I guess that if they were to fight underground Matthew could use dungeoneering to figure out what the critters do, or is it always your call what skill to roll?

  4. Good discussion. The players should be making monster knowledge checks each time they start an encounter! Knowing opponent immunities, vulnerabilities and tactics could make a huge difference in battle.

    • Good discussion. The players should be making monster knowledge checks each time they start an encounter! Knowing opponent immunities, vulnerabilities and tactics could make a huge difference in battle.

      “Should” is such a nebulous concept… :)

      • I would argue that during most 6 second rounds – a character may not always act on their knowledge, character or not. CH tends to make their encounters VERY real – mistakes and all. Besides, once the players figure a monters out, the DM tends to change the layout to make it a new challenge. This way Rodrigo can keep Warblers for at least another 2 combat encounters.

  5. i give this podcast a #1 best podcast ever love the shw have heard them all and like it alot i,m have only play one game of D&D but have love the game from the start of playing it but unlucky for me i can,t find any people to play with here were i live so it hard to find people i,m really wanting to play a dragon and dragonborn guest and team ups for the D&D game so any help be very big help.oh and i like to say that your DM is awsome he a awsome DM to bad the only DM i now live to far for me to play in there game. if you like to help me send me a email at

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