Too Much Turkey Man

In this issue: Too stuffed with turkey, the crew sits down to talk about a bunch of things including the web comics they are currently reading.


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Music from this episode comes from Armin Brewer (intro) and James Kennison (closing) from the Nobody’s Listening Podcast. A big thanks to both of these guys for creating kick-ass music for the show!

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  1. I love Order of the Stick – oddly enough, I originally discovered it on, where it gets special mention in the “hang a lampshade” article.

    Matthew, which came first for you, tvtropes or OOTS?

  2. I must thank Rodrigo for his hilarious lobotomy elmo thought process. My girlfriend thought I was crazy, because of the laughter I could not control.

    • I’d like to counter the lobotomy theory with my own notion that Elmo suffers from schizophrenic narcissism. I also have an extensive theory about how Maria actually makes a living via the Fixit Shop. Hint: Toaster repair is not a viable business model.

      Working closely with Sprout has also given me ample time to consider the sexual politics of both Fireman Sam and Fifi and the Flowertots. Hyper-analysis of these shows, and many others is a coping mechanism born from being forced, at age 37, to watch programming designed for pre-schoolers.

      Stephen, I always got more of a left-wing/politically correct vibe from the Berenstain Bears than a right-wing/religious message…interesting. The Berenstain Bears, by the way, takes place in a post-apocalyptic future of some sort. The most likely scenario is one of genetic engineering run amok with super-intelligent bears absorbing and distorting human culture and history remembering our history and even historical figures as their own, with a bear veneer laid on top.

      Good show as always, for which I am Thankful!

  3. Really good episode this week gents, thank you!

    Stephen, there is a great childrens story that Im pretty sure you will never get tired of reading called “The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it was None of His Business”. It is certainly a different kind of kids story, but it is filled with onomatopoeia and when I read it to my niece for the first time it was probably one of the funniest things in my and her life.

  4. stephen, you mentioned a webcomic about things people say in comicstores. But you weren’t sure about the name. do you have a link for that?

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