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Celestial Crusade

This episode: The assault on the team continues, and a player falls (Hint: it’s Orem… again…)


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  1. I’ve appreciated your product reviews for the past few weeks. I know how dangerous it is to assume anything, but I’m guessing from your teaser that you’re going to be reviewing Gamma World next week.

    If my assumption is incorrect, I would love to see an article on the product. I find myself aligning well with Brian and Rodrigo’s assessment of the previous products, and this is a WotC product I’ve considered getting.

    One session related question. In the past few combat encounters, Rob has seemed to take on a tactical leadership role. I find myself in that role on occasion, and I was wondering how you (the group) balance players offering suggestions with single player dominance of combat?

    • It’s always your choice as to what your character does, another player can offer suggestions, but in the end it’s your choice. I think everyone on CH has ignored someone’s suggestions during combat in the past and we just roll with it.

      And yes, we will be reviewing Gama World on Critical Hit soon.

      • It’s always your choice as to what your character does, another player can offer suggestions, but in the end it’s your choice. I think everyone on CH has ignored someone’s suggestions during combat in the past and we just roll with it.

        I, for one, tend to ignore suggestions of tactics in battle, mostly because I’ve been schooled for years in the “superhero dramatic’ fight model, ignoring a lot of the tactical stuff that comes in the latest iterations of D&D games. There’s a little too much “Magic: The Gathering” in the WoTC model of D&D for me, and I seem to recall questioning Ket’s “stand in a phalanx in an alley” maneuver, even as it was pretty successful.

        Suggestions from other players are merely that, and even Ket’s Warlord/Warlock (Locklord?) powers won’t force a character to take an action that their controller doesn’t want ’em to.

      • Rodrigo – I have heard you offer your group suggestions – occasionally. How do you decide when to prompt your PC’s – “Listen to this one”? Is it story motivated, or is it more of a “oh crap, TPK if they do this one”?

        Matthew – I just listened to “Attack of the Jellyfoosh” again. There is merit to ignoring the obvious and rolling a religion check. The definition of a “hero” typically includes “dramatic”. The hero character is typically flawed, otherwise he would stay safe at home with his wife and kids. Just a thought.

  2. With the recent talk of the Essentials line, you can add my name to the list of people who lined Wizards’ pockets thanks to this podcast. I recently picked up the Rules Compendium so that I would have a physical copy of the rules to reference instead of giving Webmetz gray hairs by counting on him to correct me every time I misremember or just flat out don’t know things.

    It really is a great resource to look things up in.

  3. Love your podcast. I listen while I’m programming at work.

    But, for some reason I cannot download the Trouble Part 2 episode. I keep getting told it is block from our proxy filter. Trouble Part 3 and all previous episodes downloaded no problem.

    Did you happen to do anything different with your file hosting this week?

  4. I have not been commenting lately as I listen to quite a few podcasts. And I like to save up Critical Hit to listen to 4 or more at a time. This time there was a noticeable shift from your previous session and this one. And I’m not referring to going from role playing session to a combat session. I mean that everyone (Mat and Stephen…cough. cough.) forget their abilities. This is one of the reasons I believe Rob has a better handle on what everyone’s abilities are and that is one reason that he controls the situation as much as he tries. Also Between Ket and Randis they have group beneficial powers that Orem and Torq do not have and their respective players try to manipulate the combat to best use these abilities.

    I know many have mentioned (I may have even at one point) but I love Rodrigo’s monsters. Mandles and Scarface Flaps just evoke nastiness and a Nightmare on Elm Street or Hellraiser feel. I would totally buy a set of miniatures that had three Mandles and A Scareface Flap in it. Makes me want to the dollar store and buy one of those bags of green army men and modify them. (what we use to use back in the day when we didn’t have enough miniatures. (along with dice, pokerchips, rocks, a uni-pig, monopoly pieces, coins and cigarette butts.)

      • I am fully aware of that Mat. And I Do truly understand that it can be a huge shift from working and home and life in general to playing a game you do once a month or so. It wasn’t a slam on you or Stephen really. Just that with the others in the group who play multiple games between that I am sure they take a lot of notes. Also Some people have the nack to either write down meticulous notes or remember everything they ever fracking see…I hate those people. I do tend to play the way You and Stephen play as well. It’s not fun if you have to work at it. Some people do consider it fun to memorize every nuance in the rule books, other players abilities, what happened when…Ect……Bahh I’m sure everyone knows what I’m talking about.

  5. I had to actually go back to the comments and see when I started listening to Critical Hit and What I signed in as. Whether it was my name or my Handle. Guess it was my handle TheGeekFather (aka Brandon)And while looking I came across this. (started listening back in May of 2010

    January 12, 2010 at 4:47 pm

    The players are definitely getting to the point where they really should remember not only their own stats, but how to derive them, so that even if they forget where they wrote them, they can crunch them out again. That’s partially why before we start every session I ask them if they have questions about their stats.

    as far as monster writeups, I’m trying to get into the habit of saying where you can find the monsters in the various manuals.”

    This is NOT a critique of those who need reminding of their abilities. There are definitely different reasons why one would not be able to remember different aspects of the game, including their own character stats and abilities. I can completely understand both Mat and Stephen misremembering. Mat is trying to get over habits learned from previous ADnD campaigns and since he is much older now (jab)…….And Stephen is new(ish) to PnP gaming. The rules and abilities are much more complex than they once were. Or at least seam that way from the outside.

    I no longer consider the Torqualtones the three stooges.(not a bad thing I like the three stooges) They have grown. Developed. Stephen has a DMing session under his belt. Ket has MUCH more personality than Smith did. Fluffy has made it into some non combat episodes. Orem is using the “pointy thing” I’m really enjoying Randis’s Artificer class. Being able to cobble together stuff….

    Questions….When the stone was put into the Handy Haversack did it crush the funnel cakes? And aren’t funnel cakes made from a batter not a dough?

    I think Stephen doesn’t use Magic Missile as much because of the fact its kinda a cheap out for his turn. And not conductive to the Podcast.

    Matthew has stated why he doesn’t pull Fluffy out during combat but I found it hilarious that they were trying to utilize it more in the previous session (turned out to be ALL RP) and forgot again this session.

    I am so glad the gang Finally decided to head to the Kiosk and THEN to the University. Rodrigo Dropped enough hints in the previous session and I was almost screaming at my blackberry when they were standing out side the Temple and figuring out what to do next.

    Ok Way over thinking and rambling. Love the season, Love the show.

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