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Archie Comics—home to the world’s hottest comic book magazine LIFE WITH ARCHIE—is about to get even hotter as the company gets ready to launch its second magazine title, VERONICA & BETTY! The creative forces at Archie Comics are pushing boundaries once again as the new title launching next year will take Veronica and Betty far away from Archie and the small town of Riverdale into worldwide adventures!

“Veronica and Betty are on their own as they leave Riverdale to take on the world as international exchange students. Plus, Archie and Reggie are pretty excited about the two exchange students that come to Riverdale in Veronica and Betty’s place. The new girls in Archie’s town aren’t going to be hard on the eyes or the heart,” explained Archie Comics Editor-in-Chief Victor Gorelick.

The glamour and excitement of VERONICA & BETTY magazine is set to be written by famed ARCHIE WEDDING and LIFE WITH ARCHIE writer Michael Uslan. The venerable fan-favorite writer will once again be tapping into the essential Archie questions and setting “VERONICA & BETTY” in an entirely new light.

Illustrated by Archie Comics superstar Dan Parent, the new ongoing story will switch back and forth between Veronica and Betty’s travels across the globe and Archie, Reggie, Jughead and the new girls turning Riverdale upside-down in VERONICA & BETTY magazine.

“Everyone has been responding phenomenally to LIFE WITH ARCHIE magazine. In answer to that demand we are pushing the envelope once again and switching things around for Archie, Veronica and Betty. That’s where VERONICA & BETTY magazine comes in,” stated Archie Comics Co-CEO Jon Goldwater.

Stay tuned to for updates about VERONICA & BETTY magazine, another phenomenal magazine line from Archie Comics, debuting Spring/Summer 2011.

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