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Celestial Crusade

This episode: As soon as the team finds their lost treasure, trouble descends from all sides.


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  1. The masked riddler on

    Nice sound effects Stephen! Nice to be getting back to a combat episode, although the hot haggling action was good.

  2. Finally, Ket’s mini in action. Great episode guys. Stephen you should realize that as a listener I really appreciate every little sound effect or voice change like rodrigo does for his npcs. They really enhance the episode. Thanks!

  3. Love the innocents in danger aspect to this fight, never seen it before, I also found it sad how the old man would never see his grand-children again…

  4. Matthew is right – being the grown-up is never fun. I can’t wait to see how Bel and Erathis view “nonlethal damage”. As a wise, and now deceased, PC once said “Never lawyer rules with a goddess”. I have a feeling the same rule applies to Rodrigo.

  5. awsome game wish i was there to play with you all. i like to hear you guy talk about dragonborn to show what you can get playing as one. and if you like i rp as one.

  6. Figured this would be the place to put this-

    I recently stole the “Innocent Bystanders” idea from this episode. I did a dungeon for a few friends of mine where captured peasants were being sacrificed en masse for a blood ritual to raise the God of the Generic Cultist Bad Guys populating the dungeon. The final encounter of the adventure was with a sort of home-brewed Mind Flayer, who, throughout the course of the adventure, would mind control the captured peasants to taunt the party through.

    In the Sacrifice Chamber encounter, there was a line of these hapless victims, all (unbeknownst to the party at the time) mind controlled by the final boss guy. I described them as simply standing in line, waiting for their turn to be slaughtered. I gave the same rules for them as Rodrigo used for the bystanders here- push them 3 squares as a move, kill them as a minor- but with one extra houserule on top: any time you declare an attack doing non-lethal damage, is does so for all targets it hits. Your awesome close blast thing can deal non-lethal damage to the poor townsfolk, but it also won’t kill any enemies it might otherwise have killed.

    I later brought the peasants back as part of the final encounter- when the main bad guy gets bloodied, he stops Dominating party members and starts bringing in dominated townsfolk like crazy, acting as a (Stephen might recognize this term) soft enrage. This time, they were minions, so no more pushing them or killing them for free, but the non-lethal damage rule still applied.

    Anyway, thanks Rodrigo for the inspiration. These elements worked out great in my game, all the players loved it, and I had a great time running it- especially using the peasants to taunt the players- “you killed my Gargoyle? I didn’t think you even knew how to use that sword of yours…”

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