Del Toro to oversee new Hulk television show?


Many were excited over the news that ABC was in the process of bringing The Hulk back to television in an all new series.  The hot rumor this morning might get more people interested in seeing the series as Deadline is reporting that Guillermo Del Toro and David Eick are working on the project together.

While we won’t know the details of the television series just yet, there are already hints of what we might see:

  • The series will be an origin story
  • Banner will be in his mid-twenties (because all super scientists are 25 years old)
  • The Hulk will not be CGI only creation, but a mixture of prosthetics, puppetry and CGI.
  • Del Toro and Eick are sharing scripting duties for the pilot.
  • Del Toro may direct the pilot if he isn’t too busy with other things.

Even though it seems movies get greenlit and go through the production process very quickly, the television series is too early in production for the show to air next fall, but possibly in the fall of 2012 after The Avengers movie is released.

via Deadline