Batman sells out

In this issue: Batman returns, and he’s going corporate. What does it mean, and is it a good idea for companies to sponsor superheroes?


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DC Comics: The 75th Anniversary Poster Book
Writer: Robert Schankenberg

Here are 100 of the most important, most incredible, and most bizarre comic-book covers from DC’s incredible archives all perforated and ready to display in your apartment, dorm room, or cubicle. From Action Comics #1 and Batman #1 to lesser-known heroes like Mister District Attorney, this oversized compilation features every major milestone in DC’s extraordinary history: Wonder Woman, Swamp Thing, Watchmen, Fables, 100 Bullets, and much more.

On the reverse of each poster are images of related covers and entertaining commentary, often with remarks from the cover artists themselves. Complete with a foreword from longtime DC Comics veteran Paul Levitz, this amazing anthology is a must-have item for any comic-book fan.

Rating: ★★★★☆

It’s the battle we’ve waited eons to see develop – the futuristic robot taking on the prehistoric dinosaur. Get a time machine and a big net, cross the streams and let them battle it out!


MAJOR SPOILERS DISCUSSION: Corporate Sponsorship of Superheroes
Batman returns, and he’s going corporate. What does it mean, and is it a good idea for companies to sponsor superheroes?

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  1. I have to thank you all for another good show, and I will be picking up Batman Inc. thanks to y’all. I only had to hear that Lord Death Man from the Bat-Manga was going to show up and I will come running. Thanks a million!

  2. Batman inc. has a few problems:

    1. The whole Wayne is funding Batman announcement is just a dumb idea, sure a few good stories will come out of it but you’ll have to fix that pretty fast. It reminds me of Spider-Man unmasking during Civil War, I bet Selina’s gonna sell her soul to Lady Blaze and we’ll have a “Batman: completely new day”.

    2. Grant Morrison is the brains behind this, his stock is rather low imho after Flanel Crisis and Batman RIP.

    3. Bruce Wayne super soldier is a fine idea, and Buckybatman is cool but it won’t last and fixing the Status Quo is gonna be horrible for the poor sap Grant is gonna dump that job into…

    4. How much you wanna bet every other bat-family book is gonna get tie-in after tie-in? I love BoP, but I’ll drop it if half the stories ge mixed into Batman Inc.

  3. At first when I heard this news, I sighed and thought to myself “you silly goose Grant Morrison.” Now, after listening to your podcast on the multitude of problems this creates, I have to sit back and wonder why DC continues to employ Mr. Morrison. His books are supposed to be major event books or flag ship titles that are either confusingly written for a new/casual reader or require massive ammounts pre-existing knowledge of past stories. Continually putting him at the helm of their #1 hero only makes the character more and more inaccessable to fans. Even those who call themselves fans of Batman (such as myself) are turning their backs on their favorite hero because of Morrison’s works. I honestly don’t understand why DC continues Morrison’s employment when all I hear is harsh criticisms of his work that seem to be well defended.

    That being said … I can’t wait for All Star Batman and Robin to return in February.

    • maybe he sells a lot of books? On some other forum I see lots of total adoration for grant morrison so he must have some fans afterall.

  4. To deal with the problem of books that have more than one title (such as flip books) I photocopy the cover and place the copy in it’s appropriate place with a note indicating where the actual issue is filed.

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