DC’s The Source posted the bloody Superman logo on its site with the tag “Doomsday will reign”. Is this simply the company poking at Marvel for the companies upcoming Death of Spider-Man Previews cover, or something else? A couple of people are already thinking we are getting ready to see an Absolute Death of Superman collection, which would be really cool, and worthy of picking up – though it would have made more sense for the comic book publisher to release that collection back when Warner Home Video released the Death of Superman animated movie.

Others are predicting the return of Doomsday, but quite frankly, when the Doomsday clones started appearing left and right, the novelty of the creature that could kill a Kryptonian has pretty much worn off for me.

Or maybe, just maybe, DC will kill Superman… you know… for good this time. That would put that Superman lawsuit in its place…and it would give an alternate spin on why JMS left the Superman title to focus on the Earth One series.

Now it’s time for you to throw out your wild ideas and speculations. It’s Friday, and I hear our editor is quite busy with things today, so go wild and watch his head spin.

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  1. If they kill superman I will be pissed.
    We just get the original 7 Justice League members back and now they kill off superman.

  2. The ’90 ARE back. Ahhh, ’90, I haven’t missed you at all. ;)

    Now all we need are psychotic heroes taking the forefront and have regular heroes become darker and/or more murderous. That hasn’t happened to anyone yet, has it? ;p

  3. Though I’m sure I’ll be flamed for this, I think that killing Superman for good would be a novel way to go. I love the character. The part he plays in the DC universe and the history associated with Superman is staggering. But nothing new and good has really been done with him recently. Yes, you can write plot that explore the “man” but the hero side is at a standstill. He’s too powerful and realistic challenges are very hard to come up with. The removal of Big Blue from the DCU would allow growth for others as the world tries to fill the void left behind by the loss of the Man of Steel … for real this time.

    • The only problem there is that the new Superman Earth One graphic novel is doing so well and the upcoming movie is likely to drive sales for the title for a while up to and during it’s release. Plus, unless they absolutely had to for some reason, they would never kill the character off for good. That would be the stupidest thing that a company could do with a commodity that is as widely known and at least somewhat bankable as Superman. Granted, a short (maybe even couple year) pitstop in the afterlife for the Man of Steel could also push some merchandise too. So they may go to the well again with the death I suppose.

  4. Maybe it’s a revisit, similar to Marvel’s revisit of the “Age of Apocalypse” storyline. We saw plenty of how Superman’s death affected the DCU heroes of the time, but maybe we’ll get to see a different spin on it.

    Or maybe with the return of the Multiverse (because how long will it ever stay restricted in number?) there is a world where Supes really did die, never to return?

  5. From a business stand point, DC will NEVER permanently kill Superman (just as Marvel will never for Spider-Man). They are not going to throw one of their biggest characters in the trash, especially when things are lining up for a Superman movie.

    It doesn’t really say anything about death, though. Just the reign of Doomsday. Somewhat unrelated, when I saw that logo, I thought about Superboy-Prime (ugh, that name) etching the logo in his chest at the end of Infinite Crisis.

    • Definitely should have read the last few posts before posting my reply above, I basically just said the same thing you did. Yay for redundancy!

  6. Nooooooooo! DC please bring us new ideas and stories, not regurgitate old ones. Killing characters off and then bringing them back makes comics seem immature.

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