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  1. Wow, I can’t believe that they are going to kill him. No new, Peter Parker as Spiderman stories ever again. In a couple of years he would’ve turned fifty. Now we will never see the anniversary celebration. I was hoping when I had kids some day, that they could appreciate Spiderman like I did.

    Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America……..but they all died before Blackest Night, and now dead means dead.

  2. Well, although Death of Blah is practically a cliché by now, most people even in the mainstream have at least heard of The Death of Superman story. So if it’s done well, it could be very cool.

    Or, it could be Batman RIP.

    • The Death of Superman story should not be compared to Batman R.I.P. because for the later it was only a sliver of the whole story where as for the former, you had a setup, death life with out and then resurrection. What should be compared with The Death of Superman story is the whole run of Morrisson on Batman, starting with Batman and Son and ending with Batman Inc., just to be fair. In comparison the R.I.P. arc should more be compared to only the issue where he died, a chapter not the whole story.

  3. I am suprised they didn’t turn back into an awkward teenager by now by making a deal over his soul with Mr. Mxyzptlk to save his Aunt May from the deadly “Old Age” disease.

    • No, no. Couldn’t have been Mr. Mxyzptlk. he’s DC. They would have had to come up with some Marvel nefarious mystical interloper. You know, someone who would make a deal with you. Oh, well. Good thing there isn’t anyone in Marvel like THAT.

  4. Well it only makes sense. starting with ASM #648 things were supposed to be turning around for him. New girlfriend, happier times….so they kill him. They would never let Spiderman stay happy for long.

  5. I’m still hoping they would explore that alternate future Julia Carpenter foretold at the conclusion of Grim Hunt. You know the possible future where if peter had killed the ressurected Kraven he would have turned into a brooding ruthless killer who is shunned by his friends and allies. that would have made for a good limited series or heack even an alternate universe series, but that’s just me.

  6. It’s just the death of Spider-Man, not Peter Parker. Spider-Girl got sick of thinking they’re related so they played checkers for it. She won so now he’ll be called Arachnid-Man.

  7. Well, a new Captain America worked and a new Batman worked, so why not a new Spider-Man? The problem is there aren’t too many natural successors to this gig – and Ben Reilly definitely didn’t work out too well either. Plus, with the new (sigh) Spider-Man movie on the horizon, I can’t see any change they make sticking very well.

  8. Id be one to reiterate the “if done right” scenario as well. For too long I’ve felt that death stories rank alongside ‘foil embossed’ and ‘hologram’ covers as being gimmicky. I would actually love to see something that made me say…’oooooh sh#t!’. And perhaps actually miss a hero for a few months (titles not even on the rack), rather than seeing them replaced in the following issue by some fool trying to be someone they aren’t…or worse, having issue after issue trying to justify or undo the decision that was made. I don’t think Ive seen a good attempt in years, without actually knowing something was up. And truthfully, Marvel is on par with the ‘boy who cried wolf’ when dealing with superhero demise…so they would REALLY have to sell it to me.

  9. Spider-Man has died at least twice that I have read. Once in Spider-Man vol. 1 #17 (which was actually well done like most of the Spider-Man vol. 1 issues) and once in The Other (which I actually enjoyed unlike most people).
    Death has become such a non-issue in comics these days I’m not even sure why they kill people anymore…

  10. I’m thinking the Peter/MJ marriage will return and the Mephisto deal will crack and then since Joe Q won’t want to tell stories about the married Peter and MJ, he’ll have Peter lose his powers as a side effect of Mephisto’s deal being revoked or some such, or maybe he’ll give up the costume after Aunt May dies (again) and then… And then…

    …And then at the last moment before the big touchdown during overtime they’ll cut to the Swiss Alps, where a braid-headed blonde girl gets bitten by a cheese-and-yodelling-crazed arachnid and gains powers which inspire her new identity of SPEIDI!

  11. I’ll be okay so long as he doesn’t go back in time or get replaced by a guy who has a name which reminds me of a green alien rabbit from a cartoon of my youth.

  12. Sounds like its an excuse for another lame costume. Spidey will be “lost in time” while some other schmuck takes his place, either Eddie Brock or they might even bring back Ben Reilly to take up the “Mantle” (Hate that word. The only mantle I ever encountered is above my fire place).

    Hey maybe he’ll switch places with Spider-man 2099. Either way, Quesada will use the whole thing as an excuse to write Mary Jane out of the story.

    If I sound like I’m being negative, you’re right. The past ten years of Spider-man has been a big disappointment for me.Still going to read it, because I feel like I have to. Damn it! I’m just part of the problem now.

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