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Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the Robot Overlord. Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. The Robot Overlord contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Robot Overlord begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt the Robot Overlord.


  1. Lets face it … Dinosaurs don’t stand a chance.

    Robots decided to go back in time for a fist fight with the species that couldn’t defeat an asteroid … you’d need to be digging some rather large graves. This is a battle between a species that the world has already defeated and a race that man kind fears will be it’s downfall. The destroyed vs the destroyers.

    Robots have the advantage in every catagory:

    Strength: Transformers got this one … T-Rex even has crapy little arms.
    Speed: Jet powered (probably more powerful than jet if you’re adding in anime)
    Durability: Steel beats flesh and bone any day if comprably sized
    Endurance: Atomic core provide unlimited energy
    Intelligence: Hell … humans are smarter than Dinosaurs…and robots are smarter than us.

  2. But i think that the only reason the Robots will win is because of the horrible picture that Stephen picked for the Dinosaurs. /jk


  3. Dinosaurs all the way. No robot can match a Dino’s murderous ferocity.

    I wonder which category the Megazord falls under.

  4. Depends on your type of robot, what era, verse and so on, C-3PO wouldn’t stand a chance againts a T-Rex, but Optimus Prime would pulverise any flesh and bone creature.

    If we go by the pics thou my money is on the T-Rex, from what I remember in Lost in Space B9 is only slightly smarter then your average pea brainned lizard.

  5. I have to agree with Ricco. This is kind of vague.
    Are we talking 3 foot tall oviraptors or T-Rex? Modern day robots or T-1000?
    I would love to see a battle-bot vs an oviraptor.
    T-rex vs T1000 would also be fun.

    Based on the current pictures, T-Rex in one bite.

  6. Robots all the way. You have robots that shoot lasers, travel through time(covered in human skin), look like a mechanical Godzilla, alert you to danger, and offer to make a you a nice martini. Dinosaurs eat, sleep, breed, crap, and at last die at the mechanical boot heel of ED-209!

  7. I think we are all missing the ultimate combination of robot and dinosaur: Grimlock! And if he just but a bandana on his head he would become the greatest creature in all existence: a robo-dino-pirate! take that you zombie-ninjas!

  8. I vote robots, but the question is rather vague. Robots can range from C-3PO to Omega Supreme. Dinosaurs can range from the T-Rex to …some small one (I don’t know that much about dinos). Are we including mutant dinosaurs? Piloted Robots?

    My guess is people will vote for their favorite regardless of who could beat who.

  9. Gotta be robots. Even C3PO could take down a T-Rex…by getting caught in his throat. It might take him a while to get back out…but hey, he’s a robot.


  10. Dinosaurs had their chance, they were the coolest kids on the block for tens of millions of years, then they let the mammals eat all their eggs. The mammals eventually evolved into people, who invented the robots who will eventually kill us all and rule the planet for tens of millions of years. Stupid mammals.

  11. I suspect that when this PotW is concluded, the dinosaurs will demand that the robotic vote-tallying machines be opened (with teeth) to inspect for signs of vote tampering.

  12. Robots. George Lucas will always adapt them to win, even in a prequel by giving them powers they don’t have in the sequel.

  13. Robots. Even a human sized robot of respectable design (C3PO was designed to talk to people, not to fight so he doesn’t count) could take out many dinasaurs because they are smart enough to use GUNS. and I don’t think even a T-Rex is going to stand up to a M2HB Machingun spitting .50 caliber rounds. Now if the robots have REAL technology they’ll just fly up between Mars and Jupiter and choose the rock they want to nudge into a collision course with earth.

    Brains and Technology over Big teeth and bad attitudes. (If teeth and bad attitudes were all that I’d still be married. hehe.)

  14. Brandon Roberts on

    I’ve gotta vote for dinosaurs depending on which dinosaur though and oh yah wheres the robot dinosaurs check box.

  15. Without humans to maintain them, today’s robots would be totally owned by dinosaurs. But we do expect robots to get increasingly better.

    One thing I will say, dinosaurs lasted a hellofa long time, millions of years. Robots probably won’t last that long, because they’ll destroy the earth. The only question is whether they can get artificial intelligence off the surface of the planet before they destroy it.

    Also, once robots become intelligent, it might not be fair to consider all robots as a single lineage. There will be different races of robots, as different from each other as we humans are from dinosaurs.

  16. I guess I’ll be going against the majority here, but I would think Dinosaurs all the way. I looked at it from a few angles, what am I more interested in watching movies and/or documentaries about and the Dinosaurs win in that regard.

    Plus, most people were looking at it comparing fictional/theoretical robots against historical/scientific dinosaurs. If you pit a real T-Rex against it’s biggest current real competitor, specifically something that actually exists that doesn’t need a human operator, it’d be something like a Roomba and there’s really no contest. If we’re throwing Optimus Prime or even Optimus Primal up against a Brontosaurus or something, Optimus will probably win.

    I just went with a more realistic view I suppose, real dinosaurs would beat real (current timeframe) robots any day of the week (again as long as the pairing is fair).

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