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The Webcomic Factory, a high end hub of quality webcomics, has launched their latest title Dealers. To celebrate they are offering a full week of strips in place of regularly scheduled daily comics such as Post Apocalyptic Nick, The Horror of Colony 6 and others.

Dealers is the story of two friends who enter the dangerous world of collectible toys during the late 90s Star Wars craze. This was a time when Ebay was just starting to boom and speculation on which action figures would become valuable was rampant.

“Before I got into comics I was a toy dealer living in the Chicago area,” says co-creator Christian Beranek. “Many of the events that transpire in Dealers are based on what I saw navigating that crazy environment.”

Tony DiGerolamo faced his own trials and tribulations in those days. “I used to run a comic book store and I had a customer that was a security guard in Wal-Mart. He’d go inside before the customers and buy up all the best toys at a discount. Eventually, another store outbid us for the toys. It was cutthroat.”

Dealers also has deep personal meaning for Beranek in particular. “I was in a difficult relationship during those years and some of the things that went down are recounted in this tale. It wasn’t that either one of us were bad people, it’s just that we had different expectations in terms of standard of living. I think it’s something in our current economic climate that will find resonance.”

The comic features art by Italian illustrator Nicholas Raimo whom Tony and Christian discovered via a talent search online. “We’re always looking for new people to work with,” says DiGerolamo. “That’s the power and immediacy of the internet. You can find the right guy and as soon as strips start rolling in you’re up and running.”

After the week long launch Dealers will update every Monday. For more information please visit

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Press Release

Press Release

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