This year, I was able to attend Mid-Ohio Con, and once again, it was an absolute blast. I was able to meet a lot of great independent comics’ creators, I got the chance to thank writer Kurt Buesick for getting be back into comics with his mid-90’s run on The Avengers, I even snuck a far-away picture of Lou Ferrigno. (Any closer and I would’ve been charged a whopping $40!) As usual, I took a ton of pictures, so check them out after the jump!

(NOTE: This year, my sister decided to cosplay for the first time at the con. Take a wild guess which one she is!)


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Sam Dunham was born at a very early age, and shortly after became entangled in the world of film. His first memories are of seeing King Ralph in his local theater. He learned to talk with the help of Adam West's Batman: The Movie. He's one of the few people to still own a working RCA Videodisc player (heck, it's where he first watched Young Frankenstein!). When Sam is not perusing his extensive B- movie collection or sitting in dark theaters with a tub of popcorn, he is usually found reading comic books, fixing computers, toiling away at his day job, working some nights at a local radio station as a "soundboard guy," and going to class so that he can one day toil away at his day job fixing computers. One time, Lou Ferrigno conned him out of $20.00. But that's another story...


  1. I really like that Supergirl (w/ Superman), shocked to see a Paine cosplayer, and saw the Hulk, TMNT crew, and Ashe at WWPhilly. :)

  2. Why is someone dressed up like “Macho Man” Randy Savage??

    Very good work on some of those. Love the “Mr. Stay-Puff” from Ghostbusters. Nice Golden Age Green Lantern, too.

  3. Hey there!

    Your sister’s costume was awesome! It was a real pleasure meeting the two of you, and I hope you guys can come next year!


    Mike (GL/John Stewart)

  4. Great photos! Thanks for snagging a descent shot of me during the costume contest! My BF didn’t manage to get one! Also the great shot of my Guy costume too! =D

    • Hey! I really dug you Guy Gardner and GL Big Barda costumes this year! Like the guy below me said, the sketch is by Chris Giarrusso. I was totally blown away by that commission!

      • Thank you! Guy & Barda were my first & second (respectively) superhero costumes ever. Looks like I need to add Chris/Mini Marvels Guy to my commission list for next year!

  5. Captain Ohio is inspired. Also, that image of Guy Gardner is by Chris Giarusso in his “Mini Marvels” style.

  6. Wow, There were a lot of good children costumes! I don’t have a favorite because there were so many excellent costumes.

  7. My guess is that your sister was Supergirl this year. Not much of a guess though, since I went with you, so…. yeah. It was a blast this year. I should have sent you my pictures too, I had a handful of different ones like Venom and other random things.

    Best thing about Mid-Ohio-Con (for me) this year was that Tony Isabella had three short boxes on his table filled with paperback and hardback graphic novels and TPB’s for $2/paperback and $5/hardback, yeah I spent $140.00 for over $1011.00 worth of books. It was great. Sam, if you want a free copy of an Essential Fantastic Four reprints of issues #1-10 just stop by, I have doubles now.

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