Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D and D podcast
Celestial Crusade

This episode: Having arrived in the Eldridge Enclave, it’s up to Ket and Orem to find lodging for the party. Then it’s off to pay a visit to the Raven Queen!


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  1. I loved this episode! I was busting a gut laughing last night as I listened to it, and I can only imagine what lies in store Orem. Keep up the great work.

  2. Just wait – Fluffy will save the party sometime.

    Rodrigo – way to take a party’s decision and make it an integral part of the plot. Is there a chance that you can just scan in your notes and publish them to the website (AFTER the campaign is completed)? It would be helpful to understand how creative you are during the sessions when the party throws you a curve.

    Matthew – this is usually where Torq’s “wisdom” kicks in. You have the resources of a GOD on your side. Use it, baby.

    Ket – Karma’s a bitch.

    Randus – the go-to guy. Get’s it done when needed. Humility personified.

    What can you say. Orem is boyfriend material, alright.

    I know you are 6 sessions ahead of these comments. Deal with it.

    • No.
      But not because I want to be a jerk, or because I want to do my guitar licks with my back to the audience.

      I’ve mentioned before that it’s important for me that the players never know what would have happened had they made a different choice, if they do the impact of the choice is lessened.

      You’ll just have to gauge my creativity with the same nebulous amount of information that the players get.

  3. That was awesome! I can’t wait for Orem’s “talk” with the dean. I really hope he asks about his Fey Step changing after the moon falled and why it didn’t change back once the moon was back in place.

  4. A truly hilarious episode, with many awesome scenes – the haggling, Torq acting like a petulant child, and then the reversal towards the end. I’m growing more fond of Ket – he is much more personable than Smith was.

    Also, it is no wonder that Darkmist is disparaging of the Cerulean Academy of Magic if an Eladrin institute of learning has a “Professor Greybeard” teaching there. Just sayin’.

  5. Just a note about this episode, if you remember the name of the dog is actually Slaggothor. He is named after Torqs mom. I’ve listened to this series almost 8 times already. It’s only natural to be nit-picky.

    • Matthew retconed it by calling him Fluffy a few episodes later, so it’s Fluffy now. It the same with the party’s name, the original one was Torq & the Torqettes, which later became Torq and the Torqletones.

  6. That was all sort of awesome. I feel the party is really blend together well… and Ket is fitting well with ’em. Anyhow, I totally agree with Rodrigo’s answer about publishing his notes.

    My girlfriends is always amazed how im happy to go jogging early on saturday mornings. Guys, you are good for my health! lmao. But i’m sure this podcast boosts the creativity of many DM around the world. It does with mine!

    Keep up the good work guys and continue the haggling!

  7. Rodrigo, you DM’ing in this episode is fenomenal! Listent to it a couple of times now, and either you have a “usual suspect” talent for setting your players up to do what you want them to or you improvise like a stand up comidian.

  8. This is definitely my favourite episode of the season, and probably the whole critically hittin’ series. Orem in full blown arrogant prick mode, a potential love interest (ask Webby what happened in our game when a Tiefling falls for a petite human brunette NPC), and lots of Torq’s own special brand of reasoning.

    Although my hands down favourite moment was when Torq was being all professional and smoothing things over, and then when Orem tried to “help”, he actually shushed Orem! Love it.

  9. So here’s a question that’s been burning a hole in my mental pocket for the last week- Is it supposed to be spelled the “Eldridge” Enclave? Being a Spanish speaker, I can break down Rodrigo’s accent better, but the way he said it is just on the borderline where it could be either “Eldridge” or “Eldritch”.
    So, canon as it may be, is it the original, or did someone make a spelling error?

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