Back to the Future

This issue: The Major Spoilers Crew talk up the Back to the Future Trilogy, spending a lot of time on the little known facts about the first film.


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  1. Hey guys,

    Just listened to your Back to the Future podcast, and the question was raised about the deloren and a few other things. The novelization clears a few things up, thanks to excellent authoring.

    Why a DeLoren?
    The novel explains an additional reason besides going in style. Doc explains that the stainless steel body is ideal for conducting 1.21 gigawatts.

    Doc working with terrorists:
    It’s explained that Doc knows they’re terrorists, and the terrorist approached doc on proccessing urainium for a bomb. Doc needed a strong radiation powersorce for time travel, and this was an excellent opportunity. Doc also knew he’d also prevent the creation of a bomb. He just didn’t account that the terrorists would come for him when he stole the urainium.

    As you can see, I also, loved the movie…

    Atomic Knight

  2. “What are you chicken.” Comes from all three movies. In the first one it gets his car crashed, in the second he starts a fight with Biff after Biffs friend plays chicken sounds on his chest light bright. Marty had trouble with people questioning his moxie from the beginning.

    • Hate to break it to you, but Marty doesn’t get into a car crash in the first movie. Those events are spoken about in the second movie, and we see Marty avoid the car crash in the third movie. The Chicken bit is nowhere in the first movie.

      • Apologies,my memory is apparently not what it used to be. I haven’t actually seen the first in quite some time. Must be my minds attempt to put it all in chronological order and throw out anything that doesn’t fit.

  3. I really enjoyed this issue, and Elisabeth Shue was in BTTF2 not in part one. That was Claudia Wells who played Jennifer in part 1. And as Doc told Marty right before Einstein reappeared in the parking lot, that the stainless steel contruction has something to do with dispersal of the flux energies or something. Either way, nice conversation. I know the Earth A, the one where Marty left in the Delorean is really messed up. His parents can’t find him. The guy he hung out with was shot to death by terrorists, spent plutonium is discovered. That is messed up.

  4. The movie time travel movie that Stephen was looking for was Timeline. Paul Walker and Frances O’Conner are in it. Huh, so was Gerard Butler. I did not realize that was him. Away. I remember mention in the movie that they could tell if someone time traveled because they had artifacts in there body, I think cellular imperfections, and they could loose cohesion if they do it too much. Sound like something my parents told me when I was little.

    As to the question of is time travel possible, I heard the strangest thing on “Through the Workhole: With Morgan Freeman,” yeah Morgan Freeman. One of the people interviewed on the show suggested that we cannot travel into the past beyond the day we build a time machine. We could go into the future, but not the past beyond hypothetical zero day. I am not clear as to why he thought that.

    The other thing I hear on time travel, I think from that show as well, that was interesting to consider when asking is time travel possible, though morbidly amusing, was the suggestion that the Titanic sunk so fast was because of all the time travelers that arrived on board to witness the mayhem.

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