With the success of the Ender’s Game series in comic book form, Marvel has announced it will bring Orson Scott Card’s Formic Wars to comics.  Orson Scott Card will team with co-writer Aaron Johnston and artist Giancarlo Caracuzzo to bring the series to print.

“I’ve been so happy with Marvel’s comic-book adaptation of Ender’s Game, Ender’s Shadow, Ender in Exile and Speaker of the Dead that I wanted my long-imagined story of the Formic Wars to appear first in this wonderfully visualized form,” said Orson Scott Card, “With a whole new set of characters, putting together a ragtag fleet of improvised and adapted spacecraft to take on an alien invader, I think these are some of the best, most inspiring stories in the Ender’s Game future history, and through the work of Marvel’s great team of writers and artists, my tales are coming to life with a power and reality I never could have managed on my own.”

Formic Wars is a prequel to the Ender’s Game series, and the first issue is expected to arrive in stores in February 2011.

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    • George Chimples on

      for a property like this, I’m betting on the $3.99.

      But it’s future bug wars. I can’t not get a comic book about fighting bugs… in the future.

      I dug some of Orson Scott Card’s work on Ultimate Iron Man, so it’ll be cool to see what he can do with his own stuff.

  1. Is this a big deal? I don’t know what this is. I’d buy it if it were Starship Troopers. I don’t know which I’d like more, Starship Troopers based directly on the book or the movies, hmmm….

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