The cover of Entertainment Weekly has passed all over the Intardwebz today, as it features Chris Evans in his full Captain America regalia. We’re not late to the party, we were just waiting for the high-rez version to hit.  That’s our story, and we’re sticking with it…

(click for 2363x3150 image)

So what do you think Spoilerites?  Does the denim outfit rock your socks, or does it leave you wanting more?

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  1. i thought this was going to be dumb, but it is looking pretty good. as long as they don’t give him a mask with a letter A on it.

  2. James Howlerett on

    looks decent. Can’t complain…YET!!! I’m hoping that they made it feel “REAL” like they did Iron Man.

  3. I like it. It looks like the type of materials that would be “futuristic” looking in 1941. Of course, that just makes me wonder what the 21rst century version of the uniform will look like in The Avengers movie.

    Until then, I’ve really enjoyed the new Avengers cartoon series. It’s a nice mix of updating the original story-lines of the Avengers and supporting characters with a mix of “Ultimates” thrown in. The cameo by the Howling Commandos and Wolverine was pretty good but I’m still not a fan of changing Nick Fury’s race just because Samuel L. Jackson’s playing him in the franchise. Especially when the Black Panther or Luke Cage would have been very easy to add to the ensemble for the movies.

  4. Hmmm… too early to really say. Let’s see the whole body and with him wearing the mask. I’d like to see how it looks in context to moving around and on screen. Like the Green Lantern film outfit, you really can’t tell if it’s going to work or not by just one of these magazine cover image where we don’t really see the whole suit.

    I imagine they’ll change the outfit for the Avengers when Cap is brought to Modern times. I will say that I’m happy they are using materials what would make sense in the 40’s.

  5. I like what little I can see of the costume in the picture. Having only the upper chest and half a shield to judge makes it hard to find fault.

    • Einsteinic-Rocket on

      Huh that sort of stinks…although if I recall correctly Ultimate Cap in the 1940s just had a standard military helmet with an “A” on it along with some goggles or something…technically not a mask but serves the same purpose and fits a bit more with the military motif. I think if they went with that look it would be pretty cool!

  6. He has the jaw of Steve but the hair and eyes of Bucky. I wonder if not having him be blond was maybe to try and give him more universal appeal, as blond hair has become far less common over time?

  7. I reserve judgment. Th euniform does not look bad is what I’m sayin for sure. I can see myself not wincing when he goes out to battle nazi’s in this.
    All I really want to see is something that makes me feel a goo dhard twang for american patriotism.
    Strong enough and Indian can feel it too :P.

  8. Nope, definite fail both in the outfit and the actor – isn’t Cap supposed to be blonde and blue eyed? And if this is how he’s built after the serum he must have been a skeleton before it.

    • Going back to the original material he was a skeleton. He was declared 4-F or physically unfit for duty. He was pictured as your stereotypical 90 lb. weakling.

  9. Looks good. Honestly unlike some of the early Thor pics this doesn’t look plastic at all. While at the same time there is a almost batman begins practical nature to the uniform. Good stuff.

  10. Antonio Sanciolo on

    I feel they’re neglecting a crucial part of the character, by not making him blonde-hair/blue-eyes. It’s such a great counterpoint to the Red Skull, having Steve Roger’s look like the third reich’s “ideal” man.

  11. I thought it was an excellent casting before and I haven’t changed my mind. From what little I can see of the costume, I love it.

    • Also, it is Cap’s blonde hair and blue eyes that make him Captain America? I think that proper casting and a convincing palate is far more important than trying to recreate a comic book verbatim. Also, think about it… the colour of Cap’s hair in the comic isn’t exactly natural… how many people do you know who, as adults, have that colour hair and DON’T use a product…? So, is Cap supposed to dye his hair to keep the fan boys happy? Also, in terms of global statistics, blue is the most rare eye colour so again, unlikely… I don’t think that he really needs to look like an Aryan to be a counterpoint to the Red Skull. I think him kicking Red Skull in the face is a perfect counterpoint.

  12. Guys, he is blond AND blue eyed in this picture. It is because of the way it photographs here that is doesn’t look like it. Trust me, I had the same coloring (though nowhere near the physique) til my hair turned red for some reason as i got older.

  13. Chris’s eyes are a kind of steel blue if I’m right so perhaps you are correct. Perhaps.

    But if that’s the case then someone didn’t do a good job with the cover.

    And, yes, it does matter if Steve has blond hair and blue eyes.

    • Why? Give me one really good reason why it matters and I’ll be happy to concede the point to you.

      Rather, why does he need to be platinum blonde and crystal blue eyed instead of dirty blonde and brown eyed?

      I honestly would welcome a rational reason.

    • Because that’s an iconic characteristic of the character. The shield identifies him as Captain America. That’s why Bucky can wield the shield and be identified as Captain America.

  14. I feel the blonde hair and blue eyes are also iconic.

    I do not believe Will Smith could play Superman.

    I do not think Daniel Dae Kim could play Jesus.

    I do not believe the comic industry has been fair toward its depiction of races in comics and I am not commenting on that or someone’s acting skill so I don’t want that to become the path of the discussion.

    My point is that some characters are so iconic that every aspect of them needs to be represented as accurate as possible. Steve Rogers is that iconic. Steve Rogers has blond hair and blue eyes.

    • While I do agree with your point to a certain degree, there are times once in a while when a slight change works out better than trying to copy/paste the look exactly. However there are also times when changes are made that actually take away from the feel, so it’s a bit of a slippery slope and hard to balance, particularly when it comes to transferring comic characters from the page to the screen.

    • I’m not going to respond to your statement on who can or cannot play certain characters-slippery slope.

      While I understand your point, your attitude is more than a little disconcerting.

      I just don’t think that small details like the colour of someone’s eyes should be integral to a character. A character, to me, is more than the sum of the colour of his eyes or hair–it’s his actions. Captain America defines himself by how he acts. At the end of the day, that’s how you know it’s Cap. How blonde or how blue is, to me, irrelevant. The casting should be about who can best deliver that performance. Don’t mistake what I’m saying, however. Captain America was conceieved as a white male–leave that alone. He has blonde hair? Give him that too. He has blue eyes? Sure, fine. Get as many of those together as you can but don’t let a frankly foolish desire to paint the exact same picture exclude the right actor.

      And, for the record, Mr. Evans has blue eyes.

      You’ll have to forgive my rant but this is a point that I feel very adamantly on. People get up in arms for the real world representation of a four colour character that has had about four dozen creative teams involved in how he looks.

      Finally, Navarre, I’m not personally attacking you. I think you’ve every right to desire things for this movie. Clearly the character resonates with you and you want the best for his adaptation. That’s as it should be. But I would think that more could go wrong with Captain America’s latest screen foray than the colour of his eyes.

      • It’s fine. I’m not all worked up over it. I agree that there are more important things than this that define Steve Rogers.

        But I am going to see a movie about Steve Rogers, not Captain America. They are not necessarily the same except in my heart and mind. So for me it matters a bit because those characteristics define Steve just as a costume defines the costumed hero.

        That being said, I whole-heartedly agree that what makes Steve Rogers iconic is the person he is not how he looks. That’s why I’m not too concerned over the hair color.

        I just don’t get why his hair wouldn’t be blond, that’s all. It’s like seeing Superman with fiery red hair or something. Odd.

        • I get that I’m late to the party here, but I have a slight point toward your comment about Superman in relation to Captain America. I get up in arms too about casting decisions, usually (unless they really redeem themselves) it’s due to my thought that the actor doesn’t fit what I think the character is, but also when they pick a white actor to play a Persian prince or something like that. I didn’t mind so much that Sam Jackson is playing Fury, it was odd at first (partly because I’d never really read much Ultimates), but when I realized that they were pulling bits and pieces from the Ultimate universe and the 616, I reconciled my concerns. My problem tends to be when people get too wrapped up in a specific look for a character and that paints everything that comes later. Superman is a key example, just look at most of the comics that come out about Superman, and have come out the past so many years, and see how many of them look just like Christopher Reeves. Reeves did a great job with the character, but he’s a character who should be open to some other interpretations, when he was first created he looked nothing like Christopher Reeves, yet that’s the version many people associate with him the most. I personally don’t feel that the hair/eye color is important in this instance, whereas if Alexander Luthor had jet black hair, it’d be odd. I do think though that after picking their lead actor, what would it hurt to color his hair to make it more blond? If they tried it and it just didn’t look right, they could have colored it back. So, in summation, I’m both on your side Navarre, and not. That’s just the way I like it, completely non-commital. And hey, maybe under different lighting, his hair might look more blond.

  15. I do understand that much flexibility has to be allotted for a comic-to-movie adaptation. Histories are convoluted and even appearances need altering sometimes.

    I’m not complaining about the costume, for example. It fits the time period and works much better on screen than a blue chain mail shirt and such. Certainly, altering such an iconic costume is more of a departure than anything about Steve’s hair color so it’s not that I’m inflexible about such things.

    It just seems like such a small thing that could so easily be correct to the character. If the character is blond why not have him be blond?

    Although non-comic readers may not know much about him, those of us who are fans think of Steve Rogers and not just any man wearing the suit when we think of Captain America. And, again, Steve is blonde.

    I’m not asking for some exact shade of comic book blonde or for them to give Chris contacts to make his eyes more blue. Just don’t leave him as a brown haired man, that’s all.

    But maybe Mijder is right and he is more blond than he appears. I certainly hope so. I have, as silly as may sound to some, been waiting for over 35 years hoping for the day when a true and proper Captain America film would be made.

    Marvel Studios has done a great job with Iron Man and Hulk. I am looking forward to the Captain America movie more than I could say.

    • “I have, as silly as may sound to some, been waiting for over 35 years hoping for the day when a true and proper Captain America film would be made.”

      I know how you feel (although haven’t been waiting quite that long as I haven’t been in existance quite that long :p ). I can somewhat forgive the 70’s Cap TV movies, since it was TV in the 70’s and therefore wouldn’t have been quite up to par given the effects and budgets of the time for a television show or movie, but I cannot forgive the 1990 Cap movie. Neither felt like, as you put it, true and proper Captain America.

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