On Saturday, I went to Comic Fusion (http://www.comicfusion.com/) in Flemington, NJ for Wonder Woman Day. While there were no Wonder Woman cosplayers in attendance, there were several other characters. They were asking donations to get your photo taken with the cosplayers and on Saturday alone raised over $700 for SAFE (a local woman’s shelter). They were also auctioning off various pieces of artwork featuring Wonder Woman.

The auctioning closed on the Sunday and sold an Adam Hughes sketch of Invisible Woman for $4,500.00!!! By the end of the event, Comic Fusion raised over $15,000 for SAFE.  While I was there, I took a bunch of photos, that you can see after the jump.


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  1. Thank you SO much for all the support from NEWSARAMA! We raised over $16,100 in NJ for our local domestic violence organization, SAFE in Hunterdon!

  2. Sorry, to P.S. — the “official” Wonder Woman Day was Sunday, 10/24 so that’s the only time Wonder Woman actually appears. Saturday is the kick off for our entire Superhero Weekend. ;)

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