Art Appreciation Moment of the Day: Dan Panosian


Dan Panosian has come up with an brilliant piece of Luke Cage/Iron Fist art, which takes readers back the the good ol’ days of 1970s.

I already posted this on DA but this would be my dream book right now! This is some Teaser Art for a Retro Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daughters of the Dragon limited series for Marvel Comics. [ with Sabretooth and Dazzler, co-starring! ] We’re talking late 1970’s Cage and Fist here! Of course I would have to sneak Shang Chi into a panel or two. Maybe Stallone style a’la Staying Alive…

I really wonder if Marvel would consider a series like this?  It would have to be out of continuity, but there are some characters that work extremely well in different time periods, and Dan’s pitch has me wanting to see how a mini-series would play out.

via Urban Barbarian