It is an election year, and as dictated by the Legion of Super-Heroes Constitution, a new Legion leader needs to be chosen – and soon.  DC Comics wants you to get in on the action by heading over to the DC Comics website, where you can let your voice be heard.

Unlike other elections, you don’t have to be sober to cast your vote, but please, let’s keep Earth-Man out of office… If you need more information about the candidates, might I suggest the Major Spoilers Hero Histories?

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  1. Already voted, and while I wanted to vote for Quislet or Tellos, I knew they’d just be throwaway votes (unfortunately). So I went with Brainiac 5.

  2. I voted Phantom Girl……but I did consider Tellus. Now waiting to see who the girlfriend votes for….she has only read 3-4 stories….so I am predicting Shadow Lass with Gates a possibility. If she costs Phantom Girl the election……..there will be trouble at home.

  3. Wish 5 year gap Salu was still around…she was AWESOME. However, I don’t believe she exists in this continuity, so I would place my faith in … Wait for it, and do not criticize… Dream Girl…Check your history…she is FANTASTIC!!!

  4. I got around to reading LSH #6 and the appearance of the Legion Academy rocked my world!
    Just really awesome. I hadn’t enjoyed an issue like that since the 80-Page Giants of yesteryear.

  5. Supergirl & the Legion Lass on

    I completely and totally voted for Brainiac 5. Why? Well, I think it might make for some interesting stories. With everything that has been going on, I don’t want Earth-Man to get it. But if Phantom Girl gets it, oh well. Why isn’t XS on the list?

    • XS must not be joining the Legion by the time the election goes into effect. Levitz mentioned recently that he wasn’t sure when he’d start using her.

      More interesting is the absense of Garth and Imra. They must be departing in the next 2-3 issues. Or maybe they just left in #6, as I haven’t read that one yet.

  6. Darrell Lawrence on

    The voting results, via who voted for who:

    Brainy – Himself(!!!)
    Cham – Brainy
    Colossal Boy – Mon-El
    Cosmic Boy – Sun Boy (makes sense, given Dirk’s comments to Coz a few issues back)
    Dawnstar – No vote (In the hospital)
    Dream Girl – Sun Boy (again, makes sense given the chit chat between the two in a past issue)
    Earth Man – Polar Boy (one reject voting for another, I guess?)
    Element Lad – Sun Boy
    Gates – Earth Man (shocker there, given Gates is the MOST alien, along with Tellus and Quislet)
    Invisable Kid – Brainy (saved his sister, after all)
    Lightning Lad – Mon-El (I thought only active members could run and vote, and Garth was NOT on the list for voting)
    Lightning Lass – Dream Girl (not Vi or T-wolf? [lol])
    Phantom Girl – Mon-El (shows friendship there)
    Polar Boy – Polar Boy (he did it again. Wasn’t it traditional NOT to vote for yourself until he broke that tradition when he won his term?)
    Quislet – Gates (what fun!)
    Saturn Girl – Brainy (see Garth comment)
    Sensor Girl – Mon-El
    Shadow Lass – Earth Man (no surprise there, other than he didn’t vote for her!)
    Shrinking Violet – Polar Boy
    Sun Boy – Mon-El
    Tellus – Mon-El
    Timber Wolf – Cosmic Boy (odd choice, given T-wolf knows how much Rokk wanted to give up the job. Maybe he only trusts Rokk to lead the team?)
    Tyroc – Brainy
    Ultra Boy – Mon-El (like PG, friendship shines here)
    Wildfire – Brainy

    Missing from voting that was on the voting list is Chameleon Girl.

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