There have been some really weird crossover comics, until I wandered down the toy aisle and saw the Superman vs. He-Man action figure two pack, I completely forgot that the two actually met in a DC crossover event in 1982.  Back then, Superman was able to bring He-Man down with a well placed punch, but both characters have gone through an evolution since then.  So…


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  1. Doctor Sleepless on

    Granted I don’t know that much about He-Man, but isn’t he fairly outmatched by a pretty large margin in this poll?

    I mean even if his “power level” is about the same as Superman’s these days (Which I don’t think they are) I’m still fairly certain he doesn’t have super-speed or heat-vision.

  2. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have read the showdown between He-Man and Superman, but I was able to read the Superman/Thundercats book that Ale Garza drew. This would come down to a battle of sheer strength. He-Man’s deflected many different beams in his day, as well as broken out of blocks of ice. Flight isn’t really a factor here and Superman rarely ever uses his speed. I think they’re evenly matched. I had to vote for Superman though because his most incredible feats tend to over shadow He-Man’s. Aside from that, I’d love to see them switch worlds for a day and fill the other’s shoes. Prince Adam of the Daily Planet and Kal-El the last son of Eternia.

    Also wanna throw some side money down for any takers: Cringer Vs. Krypto! Any takers?

      • That’s where I don’t think you’re thinking it through fully. Krypto all the way, only because Cringer was a useless scared giant-sized kitten, not until he went into Battle Cat mode did he actually become a threat.

  3. Is Supes is smart, he will stay out of the range of He-Man’s (magic) sword.

    Superman should hover above He-Man and hit him with ranged attacks until he’s done for.

    So: Supes ftw.

  4. Superman’s speed and flying ability would probably win out. He-Man would have to outsmart him to win. Theoretically he could fly in super fast, grab He-Man, and hurl him into outerspace before He-Man could react. I’m not sure how long He-Man can survive in outer space.

    Heat rays probably wouldn’t work, as He-Man’s sword is indestructible and he’s shown the ability to block rays in the past.

    Is Supes still vulnerable to magic these days? That would be a large wild card.

    How about Man-At-Arms vs. Batman next? ;)

  5. I believe the Power of Grayskull and the Sword of Power would give He-Man a sizeable advantage over the Man of Steel.
    I also would bring in Matthew’s “Specialist Rule” as reference.

  6. Funniest technical problem ever! I vote He-Man and the site says “please choose a valid poll answer.” then I vote for Superman and it works ;-)

    I say Superman, simply because the poll itself want him to win it seems.

  7. He-Man. Because he has magic.

    And I’ll jump companies and paraphrase Marvel:

    “It’s Magic, it doesn’t have to make sense.”

  8. I like Batman vs. Man-at-arms!

    That one would go one until someone fell asleep.

    Cringer vs. Krypto?



    Winnah: Krypto!

  9. Going against the popular vote and saying He-Man. Besides childhood nostalgia, there’s also the magic factor. Superman is vulnerable to magic, while He-Man is pretty much fueled by it. Plus, the Sorceress might jump in, and she’s nothing BUT magic incarnate. Supes would be hosed.

  10. Doctor Sleepless on

    I hear a lot about this magic vulnerability of Superman’s, but isn’t He-Man also vulnerable to having a mountain dropped on him?
    (Forgive my blasphemy, I’m not a child of the 80s)

    • I think He-Man has picked up a mountain or two in his time…

      Interesting side note: J. Michael Strazinksky was one of the original He-Man writers and is now writing Superman.
      I wonder who he’d think would win in the fight?

  11. He-Man is the most powerful man in the universe. With his strength and invulnerability, combined with actual combat skill, he can and will over come Superman’s ranged attacks and deliver a straight up old fashioned beatdown. Prince Adam by TKO!

  12. Come on you guys! Orko will (by some strange coincidence) pull a big thunck of green cryptonite from his hat. Farewell to Superman.


  13. Use heatvision on wide angle to fry He-man from orbit.
    Having watched He-man a couple of times, I have never thought of He-man as a mental heavyweight. Superman has shown several times that he can outwit Luthor and Braniac.

    Superman ftw.

  14. He-Man never struck me as particularly bright. His greatest enemy was rock stupid, concocting schemes that make Scooby Doo villains seem like Braniac by comparison. I’d say Supes could easily outwit He-Man even with the magical disadvantage.

  15. Why such an obsession with the heat vision? It’s been stated multiple times that He-Man has deflected plenty of beams without giving it a second thought. Heat vision is worthless in this fight. Super speed and flight are the prime elements to consider. Which brings me to the question, what color sun does Eternia have? I don’t remember clearly if it was yellow like Earth’s. I still think the edge goes to He-Man because his powers, like so many other magical ones, have never truly been established with limits. For all we know there could be some magical burst that he could call upon to knock Superman from the sky.

  16. I went with He-Man to win this fight. Probably it’s mostly nostalgia, but Superman is a clean cut boyscout and I think it’d probably unnerve him and maybe throw him off his game to have a magically based guy in bondage gear charging at him with a girls’ bob haircut.

    Superman: “Oh my heavens, is this guy for rea….AAARRGHH MAGIC SWORD IN MY GUTS!!!”

    I’d like to see the minor villains pitted against DCU/MarvelU characters too.
    Mekaneck vs. Stilt Man, Grizzlor vs. Sasquatch, Whiplash vs. The Lizard, Man-E-Faces vs. The Question, Orko vs. Bat-Mite, Buzz-Off vs. Forager, Sy-Klone vs. Cyclone, Moss Man vs. Man-Thing, and maybe Gwildor (from the movie) vs. Thony (owner of a beautiful sky ship who sounds like The King of Town).

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