When the Green Lantern movie arrives, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to know everything about the movie going into it, thanks to the Intardwebz, and the various sites posting images left and right.  We’re jumping on that spoilery bandwagon with this shot of the Lantern Power Battery.

If you look closely, you may notice some kind of symbol in the lantern – a flaw, if you will, that is a big heads up on Parallax impurity contained within.

via The Daily Blam!


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  1. I’m assuming this is a covert shot and not a still, or else the background is confusing… Green Lantern heats up a hot pocket in the magical microwave of Oa!

    (also, I don’t see the “flaw” mentioned but I’m not that familiar with the Parellax story)

  2. I agreed with Larry. looks like crap. I have seen a couple good “how-to” for creating a battery on the web and they look decent. Maybe this is Abin’s power battery and they will change it when Hal gets the ring.

    here is an easy how-to for a red battery that looks decent

  3. I can’t wait for this movie! Everything I see looks exactly like it does in the comic! Ryan Reynolds is going to be the best Green Gelatinous Blob ever!

    Seriously… why does the Lantern for GREEN LANTERN not look like a LANTERN?!

  4. I think they pulled a DUNE route with the way the Lantern looks. While it doesn’t have the realistic and classical look of a lantern, it does have that Space-Agey look to it. It’s got a handle on it, just that it can’t move.

    I’ve been watching Stargate:SG1 all over again from the start, and it definitely fits a futuristic technology look to it. Sure there will be an ever enduring fanboy outcry of how the lantern isn’t what it’s supposed to be, but eventually they’ll get used to it.

  5. It doesn’t look like a lantern to me, then again why would aliens who have been around since the dawn of time make all power baterries look like Earth lanterns when Earth wasn’t even around when they created the corps.

    Hopefully Hal will get a “custom” Earth looking lantern.

  6. (Repeats to self over and over)… The movie is not the comic book..the movie is not the comic book…the movie is not…Wait, if the movie is not the comic book then why do I want to see it?

    Seriously, even giving the GL Corps a hollywood “space bling” make-over, that still looks like a really bad art-deco sculpture that someone’s granny would show up with on “Antiques Roadshow”.

  7. Doctor Sleepless on

    Oh wow seriously, are you guys kidding…?
    Guys it’s obviously supposed to look ALIEN!

    And I’m pretty sure it’s in a kitchen because it’s Hal’s personal Battery not the building sized one on Oa.

    It looks fine.

  8. It looks very organic to me. Like a giant glowing tumor. I’m not a fan of it. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have just gone for a sleek look. As it is it looks like something out of an episode of Ben 10.

  9. I don’t like it either, I’ll wait until I see the movie to see how everything plays out (as I usually do). I wouldn’t mind if, like what others have said, this battery was Abin Sur’s battery or another alien looking battery and that it either changes to look more like a lantern for Hal or that he gets his own that looks a little closer to what it looks like in the comic. I’m fine with making things more presentable for a movie audience, but it doesn’t look right. I’ll be fine with it either way probably though, what his battery looks like isn’t that central to the character or the plot.

    It really could be Abin Sur’s though, I mean it’s a possibility; he might be back in his apartment/house after having found the wrecked ship with Abin Sur in it and had just gotten his ring and lantern and that’s what it looked like.

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