Art Appreciation Moment of the Day: Adam Hughes


Some really don’t like how Adam Hughes takes characters and makes them sexy.  Some might say, he makes characters too sexy, but those people would be wrong, and need to seek medical attention immediately.   Way back when Hughes was doing G.I. JOE cover work, his original rendition of The Baroness was rejected, forcing him to tweak the design.  Take the jump to see the original submission, and the redo (which was also rejected).

This is the Baroness cover I did for GI JOE, originally rejected by HASBRO when I drew it 2 years ago, for being TOO SEXY. It’s just seen print from IDW, so it’s on the stands.

Here’s the revised version I did. HASBRO didn’t like the mouth being open, so I drew a new head. I include this as un unpublished curiosity.

via Deviant Art