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This issue: As Matthew wraps up his fourth year at Major Spoilers, the crew discusses the comics that influenced them the most and why.


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  1. I really do love the weekend shows, they are a whole other beast than the regular podcast.

    Two comics that influnced me where the first comic I was ever given, which was a Batman issue written by Steven Grant, and was a part two of two, it was a strange story about a yellow Man-Bat looking guy, and really put the whamy on me. My first comic book purchase was around Valentines day, I was in a drug store and they had a spinner rack, I bought this comic adaptation of the X-Men cartoon, which is kind of funny, and comic about a cartoon, that is based on a comic, very Oruboros. But it was the first issue of Season 3, it had all this dynamic art, not to far removed from the Image style, it had Leech being chased by Lady Deathstrike as she was trying to get into a Shiar ship, and her origin had a image of her with her ass hanging out. It was a good comic, that kept me buying X-Men off and on until Peter Millagan took over a few years ago.

    I am like Rodrigo in the fact that I do have a fondness for the Maggot, Cecilia Reyes, and Morrow era of the X-Men, and that that is about the time I really started to understand all that I read.

    I don’t hate any one of you all. In my mind you are one being split into three. It’s like Voltron, where they are sperate but join together to fight evil. Instead you join together on a podcast to inform and entertain(for free) all the Major Spoilerite out on the great Web, that covers the Earth.

    I for one would like to thank you all for what you do.

  2. I’m with Rodrigo as well. I loved X-Men when they had Maggot, Marrow, and even Jonathan/Magneto. They were great characters and there was great stuff going on with them. I hated that writers just screwed them up.

      • Exactly. I also liked the love interest bit between Joseph, Rogue, and Gambit they had going on for a little while. Joseph could have been a great character and lasted a long time. Sadly they relegated him to a one note character in the Magneto Wars.

  3. I started reading comics at a young age.I remember reading the huge “Superboy and the Legion”comic where Mordru was hunting the Legion.I was intrigued by the story.But I didn’t really get into comics until my friends were going on and on about the X-men(Phoenix Saga etc).I couldn’t care less.But then I saw LSH#277 on the rack and remembered this team.I bought it and looked forward to the next one(I was like 13 so forgive me if I thought it was good back then).Legion became my comic of choice and I branched out into other DC titles(All star squadron,Infinty Inc,Outsiders).Legion was my mainstay and I read the events of the darkness saga and loved it.Then a little thing called Crisis happened.At first my team was unaffected.My other teams were and I didn’t like it.Most series I was buying quickly ended because of the changes(All Star,Infinty).By this point I got what was going on in Xmen and added their titles too.So my few dollars a week became a few hundred dollars a month.Especially when all the yearly cross company events happened.Then Zero Hour struck.And my favorite team was wiped from existence.Only to be reborn.I didn’t want to watch them grow up again!So over a period of a year I trimmed all my titles to eventually I stopped all together.2 years ago I started checking out your site and you know what?I’m still not buying any comics but I can now follow the exploits of my heroes.Yes I know they have rebooted LSH again.Still not going to start because the future they are depicting isn’t what I remember.
    So keep me posted guys and thanks for the pod casts!

  4. The Spider-Man cartoon, from the 60’s that re-ran on UHF stations when I was a kid, led me to the comics and introduced to me a whole bunch of new villians. My favorites were The Lizard and The Man-Wolf, two foes that were half man/half beast.
    Shortly thereafter, I discovered the Fantastic Four and Marvel Two-In-One, beginning my lifelong love of The Thing. His mego action figure used to be my pride and joy.

    I truly think my passion for comics was sparked from Avengers #156. I received it in a bag of three in 1977 on a car trip to Texas. It was the first comic I owned that included Iron Man, Captain America, and Doctor Doom. It was my introduction to the Sub-Mariner, The Whizzer, The Scarlet Witch, Yellojacket, the Wasp, Wonder Man, The Vision, and The Beast. It was so cool. I read it over and over again. I read it until the cover fell off and I had to tape it. It left me wanting more, so I began picking up Marvel comics any chance I could.

  5. Wait? You guys get hate mail!? Really!? I have a hard time wrapping my head around that one… I mean you guys do this for free and provide forums/comments so we can voice our opinions, what’s to hate? Disagreeing I get, insulting? no.

    I still have my very first comic book and I love it to pieces, it’s part of “Fatal Attraction” X-Men #2 (in French) with art by Jim Lee.

    • Wait? You guys get hate mail!? Really!? I have a hard time wrapping my head around that one…

      Everybody gets hate mail. I think that the hard part comes in sorting out what is actually constructive criticism and what is just a pet peeve of somebody listening…

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