Men in Black 3 – is the cast complete?


If you have been longing for another Men in Black movie because you really want to see comedic antics involving space aliens, and you have been dying for another Will Smith hit single, you can start doing your happy dance… right… now.

According to Pajiba, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Alec Baldwin, Gemma Arterton, Sharlto Copley, Nicole Sherzinger, and Emma Thompson are in the running.  Brolin will play a young Agent K, while Baldwin will play a 1969 version of the MIB boss, with Thompson tapped to play the modern day head of the agency.  Copley will get to play an alien, with Arterton playing a MIB secretary.  Apparently, Sherzinger will cameo as Clement’s girlfriend, with Clement playing the big bad in the movie.

What does 1969 have to do with all of this? Sources have Smith and Jones traveling back in time and meeting the younger Brolin, and apparently the rest of the MIB from the early days of the agency.

via Pajiba