Want to get some exclusive digital comics? Better head to your local comic shop


There’s a lot of talk about digital comics at the New York Comic Con, and Dark Horse Comics has a few ideas on what they plan on doing in market space.  First up is word that Dark Horse is pricing its digital comics at $1.49 instead of the $1.99 price point that seems to have become the standard for many companies.  That’s good news for fans of any of the Dark Horse titles, as the extra 50-cents can add up.  The cost savings mean someone could buy four Dark Horse titles instead of three.

The second tid-bit of information comes from Rich Johnston who reports that Dark Horse announced plans for a series of exclusively digital comic books, with a twist – you’ll need to go to the comic shop in order buy them.

Well that sounds vaguely familiar…  It’s almost like someone is reading this site… Remember kids, “We love comics, and you do, too!”

Moving on…

There’s no word from Dark Horse on the price point of these exclusive digital comics, or how the local comic shop will implement this idea. Kiosk anyone? Still, it’s great that the publishers are thinking of ways to lower the cost of print comics, and still drive new readers to a comic shop in their area – providing there is a comic shop in their area.

via Bleeding Cool