Warner Bros. looks to be really happy with New Orleans as a shooting location as rumor has the next Christopher Nolan Batman movie looking to lens there in April.  There’s no word if the entire movie will shoot in the city, but if it does, it may give fans an idea of what direction Nolan is taking the story. Last time I was in the Big Easy I don’t remember any really large Chicago-sized buildings taht would make for a dramatic Gotham City.  What New Orleans does have is the old architecture that would be perfect for street level action, and it may be a perfect setting for a more supernatural story.  New Orleans has quickly become an option for H’wood looking to shoot in a cheaper location now that Australia taxes make shooting down under as expensive as shooting in the U.S.

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    • You know that they filmed The Gates, Memphis Beat, Deja Vu, and obviously Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans Longest Movie Title I’ve seen.

      :-) My brother’s living out there now so I hear about stuff from him that he’s looked up and heard there were film crews.

  1. Well, it sucks that it won’t be here again (the scene with the burning helicopter on the corner was right in front of the building I worked in at the time), but, I suppose if we were to lose out to any city, NOLA is better than most.

    Still, have to wonder how they’re going to make that into Gotham…IF they’re going to make it into Gotham.

    • Seriously? Ugh. Way to perpetuate completely false, unfounded negative stereotypes about New Orleans. There hasn’t been water in New Orleans since 05/06.

      • You know, I had a long retort to this, but it’s probably better to just say sorry. If you live in New Orleans and you lost all your property to Hurricane Katrina, then I am sorry for referencing it. Besides Zataran’s rice and Mardi Gras, it’s pretty much all I know about New Orleans and it’s still recent enough that that was the first thing to come to mind. I didn’t realize that water being there was a “completely false, unfounded negative stereotype” but I’ll be more sensitive in the future on the subject. Sorry Robert if you live there and I insulted your city or anyone else for that matter. Sorry for inadvertently thread jacking as well.

        • No hard feelings, man! I really respect your mea culpa and think you’re overall a fairly awesome person.

          You oughta come on down to New Orleans and see what the fuss is about! It’s a great place to live and an even greater place to visit!

          Much love & respect,


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