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  1. Let’s put it this way: “You will believe that a man can fly! But you’ll still don’t care…” Wonder Woman FTW.

    P.S.- Great now I’ll have the old Wonder Woman theme song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

  2. I’m looking forward to Wonder Women and Stephen complaining that they should advertise the comic at the end of the show. ;p

    The only downside to a Wonder Woman show is that they probably won’t do a movie, but I think I might prefer weekly Wonder Woman adventures to a 2 hour movie.

  3. Doctor Sleepless on


    WW deserves a movie and not the Smallville treatment. I love TV-shows on par (if not more)than movies. But this just seems like a cop-out… And I haven’t seen a good DC live action series yet.

    Here’s to hoping I guess. Maybe this will rekindle peoples love of WW.

  4. Superman? *Again?* Yawwwwwwwnnn…. ooooooo Wonder Woman, maybe we can get Lynda Carter to play Queen Hippolyta, that’d be so cool….

  5. Wonder Woman. With Smallville and the Superman films it will be a nice change to see a different main stream hero get some screen focus.

  6. This is a tough one.

    I’m going to give it to Superman just because of the consistency I’ve seen from Zach Snyder, making him the perfect fit for the Man of Steel.

    BUT I really like David E. Kelley’s work on “Boston Legal”, and I look forward to seeing what he can do on “Wonder Woman”. Unfortunately, comic book action is just nowhere in his wheel house, and I have no idea what to expect.

  7. A good movie gives you 2-3 hours of entertainment. Even just one season of a good show can give you over 20 hours of entertainment and it’s on once a week. Plus you can get supporting character actual screen time and character development. Wonder Woman tv show, please.

    • The downside happens when you don’t have a lot of viewers in the first few episodes and Wonder Woman gets cancelled after two episodes like Lone Star did, then you get 2-3 hours that don’t give you anything more than set up. At least in a movie I’ll get to see a full story play out for Superman instead of a gamble with Wonder Woman. It’s almost to the point where I will wait until a show has been running for 4-6 years before I get interested, too many times have I gotten into a show only to have it get cancelled before it gets a fair chance.

  8. Tough call. I chose Wondie because, let’s face it, she’s due for a little Hollywood love (not to be confused with… well, you get the idea). As much as I love Superman and the Super-mythos, his movies always feel about the same. Sure, they are fun to watch, but it’s the same old story with slight twists. Wonder Woman, however, is something different. She may be at the same level of Superman power-wise, but as a character (not to mention as a WOMAN in the world of MAN) there is a bit more depth that can be explored with the right writers.

    And, just so I don’t disappoint anyone, I’ll also state the obvious: She’s hot! ;P

  9. How could you not want to see Wonder Woman? Superman has been done (wrong) so many times already. Time to give us something new. Wait … what’s that? Wonder Woman isn’t a new character? Who let the cat out of the bag? Next thing you know it, she’ll start getting equal pay as Batman and Superman for doing the same job.

  10. I chose a Superman movie for several reasons. For one, not a lot of non-comic book fans would watch a Wonder Woman Show no matter how good it is, so getting invested in something like that would just be another Firefly for me.

    Also, I missed the Superman Returns bandwagon AND pretty much all screen adaptations of Superman besides the TV series, and I’d really like to see what Zak Snyder could do with that licence. Hopefully it’s not just a lot of slo-mo and sex scenes.

  11. Definitely “Wonder Woman” since it’s “Boston Legal” creator David E. Kelley working on it.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing what he brings to the “Superhero” genre.

    That said, Snyder on Supes should be awesome too.

    • He CAN be bland and boring, he’s not inherently bland. If the character is written well he can be a compelling character to watch or read.

  12. Superman deserves a movie, in which, he can kick ass. Something, I hope, Snyder can do (and he should, he did direct 300)

  13. I’ve been waiting for a wonder woman movie since 2001. But i guess a tv series might be a good idea. I just seriously hope they ditch the invisible jet. The animated movie was kind of disappointing in the sense that they didnt make her fly.

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