Deadline Hollywood is breaking the story that confirms Zack Snyder will direct the next Superman movie, following work on Sucker Punch.

“I’ve been a big fan of the character for a long time, he’s definitely the king of all superheroes, he’s the one,” Snyder, who directed Watchmen and 300, told me. “It’s early yet, but I can tell you that what David and Chris have done with the story so far definitely has given me a great insight into a way to make him feel modern. I’ve always felt he was kind of awesome. I’ll finish Sucker Punch and get right at it.”

Snyder is probably the best choice for Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for a several reasons

  • Snyder understands comic book movies and knows how to bring the vision of the creator to the screen
  • He has a unique look that will be best served by a film of this type
  • Since this film will have a great deal of special effects, he knows what it takes to make them happen
  • This would be his third major film with Warner Bros, and his two previous did bring in the bucks

Nolan, Goyer, and Snyder?  Sounds like a big win to me.

via Deadline


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  1. I don’t have a problem with Snyder directing this..however..i do have a problem with Zod being in the movie again. I was hoping for a Brainiac or something we have never seen before but it seems that the attachment to the original movies is so strong in Hollywood that we may never see ANY Superman movie that is unconnected to the original ones.

  2. Ugh. I hate Snyder and imho he’s the worst choice to direct a Superman movie. WORST. On the up side, this could’ve have ended up a whole lot more tragic if Uwe Boll was in the running. So I guess I’m not watching the next Superman then. #sadpanda

    • With a good script and a little guidance from Christopher Nolan, I think Zack Snyder will do a good job, or at least has the potential to do a good job. Superman is just way too high profile of a comic movie for me not to see it, regardless whose directing it. Plus, Snyder will probably do a really good job on the visual effects which will be nice. As long as they avoid illegitimate children, creepy stalker Superman with ZERO personality (given the lines he had to work with) and Gene Hackman-esque villain, it could be good. I just really want to see Superman throw a single punch. I want to see the strongest hero there is, actually get into a fight and I want to feel through the sound in the theater every punch that lands. I want to think that Superman is badass, for once. He doesn’t need to be dark and gritty or anything, but even Superman should be allowed a villain that he can truly fight against.

      I want a good mix of wit and punching too though, I know Supes isn’t solely about punchy-punchy.

  3. I think the last Superman movie suffered more from the script than the directing. Snyder did a great job on The Watchmen.

  4. Whats wrong with Snyder? Watchmen’s mediocrity wasn’t his fault. (Honestly, I think most geeks are just upset that the world didn’t stand up and applaud “BEST MOVIE EVER THANK YOU GEEKS WE LOVE COMICS NOW”) He’ll do a good job. But then again, Brian Singer new what he was doing too. Which proves Matthew’s point: It’s not always the directors fault. But Nolan and Goyer’s roles as a sort of “Creative head” to Snyder’s director gives me hope.

  5. Eh…I don’t know about this one, honestly. I’m not going to call it, and Stephen, you do have some valid arguments in his favor, but Zack Snyder often doesn’t really do it for me.

    I’ve often felt that his movies were a bit superficial, with not much under the wow factor of the special effects. I’ve grown a bit tired of his “fast-mo/slo-mo” schtick and I thought Watchmen was really clumsy and silly at times (the sex scene between Laurie and Dan was embarassing).

    But he’s not that bad a director, and with Goyer and Chris Nolan attached to the film, it could turn out to be actually good. I’m just afraid that with Snyder, it has less of a chance to be great. I don’t think his films have much vision, is all.

  6. I’m just happy there won’t be another Singer Superman, or Routh. I liked him as Clark, but he was dreadfully dull as Superman. Also, no woefully miscast Kate Bosworth either, yeah!

  7. Doctor Sleepless on

    Oh you guys, stop type-casting Snyder. He could handle this very well. He knows how to balance a cape movie action/drama wise. The reason so many might have disliked Watchmen was that it was an adaptation of a already marvellous piece of work. This now means he has the experience. The new Owl thing he has done, has gotten nothing but good reviews (Sucker Punch looks fantastical, And I don’t mind a bit of Silver-age in my movies) And the worst things about 300 are all Frank Miller…

    Seriously a Superman movie would play to all of Snyder’s strengths and very few of his weaknesses.

      • Doctor Sleepless on

        What do you know, you liked Twilight ;)
        Like the wise men say; your mileage may vary. Besides you can’t blame him for everything, there are script-writers you know…

  8. I would have preferred Aronofsky, but what the hey. I’ll still be seeing it, unless the actual previews totally turn me off. Rodrigo, you should pitch that script you talked about on saturday’s show. It’s really good.

  9. But Doctor Sleepless I don’t want to see an hour of slow-mos in a 2 and half hour movie. I don’t want awkward romance scenes, and I don’t want a movie shot entirely in front of green screens.

    • Doctor Sleepless on

      The “slow-mo-speed-up” he left a while ago… An old and kinda inaccurate complaint.
      The awkward sex scene in Watchmen was a call-back to movies of the period. And he isn’t George Lucas the sets in Watchmen were real and pretty good.

  10. While everybody’s talking about 300 and Watchmen let’s not forget Dawn of the Dead which was a grade A horror flick. It didn’t feature any of the stuff Snyder has become infamous for and I hope I see more of that in this film. I don’t think Chris Nolan would pick someone he didn’t think he could share the vision he has. Goyer can be hit (I miss you FlashForward) or miss (The Invisible) but for the most part he can pull together a great movie. Put Nolan and Goyer together and you get great movies. Putting these 3 together sounds to be a good movie. My complaint? If Zod is in fact the villain it is a waste of great characters that could be the villain.

    • Hummm, Dawn of Dead was a horrible remake of a classic, grade A horror movies make you care for the characters something that the original Dawn of the Dead did. This one had bad pacing, close to no character development, almost ok acting, ridiculously obvious plot twist (zombie baby, big shock) and a depressing ending. Zack Snyder destroyed the George Romero classic and managed to transform it into one of the worse, if not the worse, zombie movies of all times.

      Don’t know if it was his call to add the political intrigue or Persans as monsters in 300, but that ruined the movie for me.

      All in all I hope for the best for the Superman movie, but I expect nothing from this guy…

      • I’m sorry, but almost all of your problems with the remake seem to be due to poor writing rather than directing. He’s just directing it. It’s not like he’s writing, acting, and filming the whole thing by himself.

        Besides, as other people have mentioned, there are dudes like Nolan looking over Snyder’s shoulder. Its not like Warner Bros. are going to let him go nuts with something as big as Superman.

        • It’s not like I’m saying “this movie’s gonna suck ‘cuz Zack Snyder is doing it!”, just that if Dawn of the Dead is the best he has directed the Superman movie is in trouble.

      • First off, I do respect your opinion on Dawn of the Dead, I disagree, but every opinion is valid. I love the original Dawn of the Dead, to me it was the best of the original Romero movies by far. I think that the new one though had what most movie goers want from their zombie/action/horror movies. The original had some decent character development but every time I watch it (keep in my I love the movie) I keep checking my watch because it drags SOOO badly. They’re holed up in a mall for a long time and it feels like we’re watching it all in real time. The new movie wasn’t aiming to be this exceptionally deep thought-provoking tale about the “haves” and the “want brains”, it was a great popcorn action/horror film that had gruesome violence, action, explosions, Ving (freakin) Rhames, Olympic track star zombies running at gazelle-like speed, and breasts.

        I’d have to say that I’ve seen many many worse zombie films than that movie. Pretty much anything to bear Romero’s name since that movie, House of the Dead(s), Zombie Lake and more. Not every zombie movie can be as wonderful as The Video Dead. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a great old B-horror film. Anyway, I get why you didn’t like it, especially when compared to the original film. When I think about it, I kind of compare it to Gojira and the movies that spawned from it. The old Godzilla movies are classic movies at this point, but they are a far cry from the original movie which was a warning against nuclear testing, but any sequels or remakes to be made for current audiences will be updated and more than likely be some form of homage or echo of the later films. Same goes with Dawn of the Dead, I think, that it was taking the original and reintroducing it to a newer crowd more in line with the Return of the Living Dead movies and other more contemporary films of a similar genre. It does lose some of the original meaning in translation, but it should be taken as a different film from the original.

        I again want to reiterate that I’m not condemning your opinion, I almost exactly echo what you’re saying when talking about the 2008 version of The Day the Earth Stood Still. The original was such a phenomenal and phenomenally important science fiction film that I was horrified when I felt it was bastardized by Keanu Reeves (Wyld Stallyns!). I’m just bringing a differing viewpoint for the sake of explaining why others including myself might have really enjoyed Dawn of the Dead.

        Keep on posting and stick to your convictions, it gives me something to rebute. ;)

  11. This is great news..i mean, this is like..M Night Shymalan directing a movie but not written by him..and instead, it’s written by someone who knows how to write.

    Zack Snyder is a good director, if you actually watch Watchmen or 300 from a directing standpoint, it’s good.

    As majorspoilers has pointed out he has the vision to bring this to the screen and with christopher nolan watching over the project like a ‘don’..expect some magic when this movie releases.

    It’s going to be great, a modern take on Superman grounded on our reality..

    Superman stands for hope and i can’t wait to see that, you can’t get a better setting than to see a god in our crumbling world giving hope for a brighter future

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