On the next Major Spoilers Podcast, the Major Spoilers Crew sits down and happily cracks open Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer.

October 05, 2010


In 1938 Los Angeles, Cliff Secord, a local racing pilot and barnstormer, discovers a mysterious package hidden in his airplane. Prior to his discovery, the police have chased down and killed two gangsters nearby after a prolonged gun battle. In that package, Cliff soon finds what the police really have been pursuing: a stolen rocket backpack.

Pay close attention to the show as Stephen, Rodrigo, and Matthew, may just talk about the Rocketeer movie as well!

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  1. I love the Rocketeer. I have ever since I saw the movie at the drive in when I was 6 (The RocketeeR? The Drive-in? Talk about classic.) I own it on VHS and DVD, and for me it is the epitome of a good 90’s action flick. Joe Johnston’s directing has me psyched for Captain America, despite the blandness of The Woofman.
    I only picked up the comic of Rocketeer at my library a year or so ago, and it blew me away. It felt older, it felt period, but it held up to my modern standards and sensibilities. The art and revised coloring was gorgeous, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of “betty.” That “WOW” page? You know the one.

    The Rocketeer is one of my favorite properties, and I love it to death. And I hope no one ever touches it again. It’s perfect as is, I don’t want any new changes, and aside from Lord of the Rings, there aren’t many properties I can say that for. WEll done all.

  2. I am so glad you all are doing this. Rocketeer is one probably the best crafted comic books in the past 30 some odd years, and the movie is no slouch either. The linework of the late great Dave Stevens helped resurrect the pin-up icon Betty Page, and her likeness graced the comic in such a mind blowing way as to make you envy and hate Cliff for being with Betty.

    The movie being written by the guys who brought you the Flash TV Show, and the writer of Harry and the Hendersons fits so well. To this day, if someone says, “How do I look?”, I have to say, “Like a hood ornament.” It can’t be helped. As for the superb acting by the movies cast, and the vavavoom of one Jennifer Connely, who was only second best to the real Betty herself, it is one of the better comic to movie adaptations in my mind.

    Both comic and movie are something a fan of pulp, comics, goodlooking broads, and just anyone who likes stuff that is just pure awesomeness should have.

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