For those of you who listen to Critical Hit, a Major Spoilers Dungeons and Dragons Podcast, you know we have some very fine custom figures from Number One Fan Aldo.  Recently, he sent us a new custom figure for the latest member of the team – Ket.  Take the jump for a quick gallery of the figure in all its glory.


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  1. Hope you guys, specially Rob, liked it. Now that I look at it again I think the paint job might have come out a little bit too dark. Anyways I will improve with the next new character or major baddie NPC (if Rodrigo ever wants an NPC custom made let me know). Thanks for the podcast guys.

    • we, of course, love it. Also I’m certain that the session following the day I request a custom antagonist figure will have the party obliterate said NPC in half a round.

      • Rob (fka Smith) on

        Dude, it was perfect, Brian and Stephen had to keep me from grabbing the fig and just marveling over it during the fight.

    • Hi Guys!

      Cool figure. I’m part of a UK painting service known as Artmaster Studio. I listen to your podcast every week and love it.

      If you ever want me to paint some miniatures then let me know and I’d be happy to offer a significant discount.

      Anyway, Great podcast.

      I’d love to know what you think of our painting.

      Best regards
      Artmaster Studio

    • Yeah, I kinda felt bad for Rob to get this awesome figure of Smith in the mail right after having Smith bite it on the Moon. Granted, I’m not fully caught up with the Astral Sea stuff yet, but I had been thinking that somehow after they’re done with this season maybe Rob gets to choose as a twist of the plot that Ket has other matters to attend and as a reward for their actions the team can ressurect Smith. Only wishful thinking I suppose, or maybe Ket’ll die and Rob can then play a Kenku.

    • I thought of asking the same thing, but then I thought of how, if he did make such an offer, he’d be inundated with requests from across Spoilerite Nation.

  2. @rob(fka Smith): Glad to hear you liked it man. I put the wand inside the jacket b/c u said he likes to keep it concealed. The whip is on the other side also under the jacket. The imp’s tail is pretty sturdy but you should still be careful when handling it. I’m not sure it would withstand a fall.

    @Andreas: thanks man, but I don’t think I’m just that insane yet, hopefully with a couple of more figs to practice my sculpting I’ll get closer to that insane level, I’ll wait 4 ur diagnosis from future minis.

    @Terry & thenewnum2: well people asked the sane thing with unboxing part 2 the first minis. Thing is painting is just my hobby and just of recently started modifying/sculpting minis. It takes me a loooong time to work on one so I’m not sure I could commit to a bunch of commissions and would have no clue as to how much to sell them for. THAT said I was thinking about STEPHEN running a silent auction as a donation for MSP or CH, under which whoever donates the most for X month would get a custom painted/conversed mini. I’m not sure if Stephen would go for it. Sooo since I’m not that much in the forums of MS maybe you guys should spread the word around and see if people would be interested.

    • Very cool idea, Aldo… hopefully if it happens, it happens after I get the full time job I’m in the running for… right now I can barely afford to feed me and my army of cat ninja assassins (read: my three normal cats) and I wouldn’t want to miss out on maybe getting a Ronin Starlight figurine. :)

  3. That is just awesome. :) You are very talented.

    (The figure’s got Marsupilami on his shoulder! I really should listen to the podcast)

  4. I’m amazed at the figure it’s art and it helps listeners like me really visualize the game as I’m listening to it. My question is are the critical hit guys actually using these figures in the game? Or is it in a display case?

    • well they’re definitely being used in the game… Stephen’s round by round pics posted in the article for each episode show them on the battle grids.

  5. Aldo, do you sell custom figures or take like mail orders cause I would really like to know if it would be possible for somebody who isn’t a famous podcaster to get there hands on something this awesome.

  6. @Blackcat, sorry man I don’t do comissions b/c it takes me a loong time to finish a mini. But go to the forums and talk to your MSP/CH representatives aka Rodrigo/Matthew/Stephen and ask for MSP to put together a contest.

    @Stephen, I am game to paint/convert a mini to reflect hi/her character for one Critical Hitter to be sorted out from the people who bought a Critical Hit T-Shirt. Hopefully that would increase sales and we can all have our summer event. Let me know.

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