Should Superman Fly, or Leap?

This issue: The show starts off with a discussion of Sym-Bionic Titan, and then the crew talks about the next Superman movie, with Stephen going off the deep in claiming he would rather see Superman leap tall buildings rather than float in mid-air.

WARNING: Explicit Tag in effect!


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  1. Hey Stephen, I downloaded the show, and it cut out at the 55:04 mark, right after Rodrigo comments about Clark Kent having a country accent. Did the redneck mafia kill the podcast or what?

  2. No, we didn’t.

    Smallville’s supposed to be in Kansas. Depends on what part of Kansas the folks are from but a Kansas accent has never sounded to me like the accents of folks here in the Southeast, which is what most folks think of a “country”. Most folks from Kansas sound kinda plain…much like their barbecue sauce (ugh!).

  3. Wow, that conversation got brutal near the end…

    Batman is alot easier to write then Superman, Batman is an amalgame of all “mortal” heroes, he’s Sherlock Holmes, Lone Ranger, Zorro, Indiana Jones, Beowulf, Edmond Dantes… You can’t really write a story that isn’t Batman.

    Superman on the other hand is basically an angel of the of the lord, powers far beyond those of any mortal man and with a moral compass stuck at “lawful good” (Hell type lawful good in google image you’ll see Superman)who can never fail. He’s been written as 2 dimensional for so long no one expects anything more then “insanely powerful boyscout who will always win and save everyone” and unless you write him like that people will say that’s not Superman. The problem is that it’s hard to write interesting stories for a character with such a limited range, while Batman can loose an innocent here and there without anyone caring(ok maybe Batman cares), Superman has to save the school-bus full of burning children everytime. He’s boring to be quite frank, who want to read about an unfallible God like being?

  4. You don’t cast Superman as Superman; you cast him as Clark Kent. This also is why he needs such a powerful connection to humanity. He simply is too powerful to be disconnected from humanity. I mean he has the power of the Flash as one of his minor powers! He can even turn back time! He needs to have Villains of his power level as Lex Luthor will not cut it.

  5. Oh BTW did you guys know that the Apple feed cropped your show to 55 minutes and slapped an Explicit tag on the show?

  6. Would it be wrong to say Black Lightening? Or possibly Green Arrow, he always struck me as a fanatic who would give fire and brimstone speeches.

    • I concur, Duncan Jones directed Moon which was awesome, also Source Code has not been released yet. Matt Reaves directed Let Me In & Cloverfield.

  7. One of the most interesting things that happened in the Season 10 premiere of Smallvile, was that Jor-El kind of called Clark out on the collateral damage thing. In season 9, ___ was having a tower built in Metropolis that would harness the sun’s energy so that the Kandorians would have Clark’s powers as well… when Clark finds out about the plan, he takes the building out.

    Now Jor-El calls Clark out and says essentially that he’s not a hero because he caused deaths in that incident, and probably some others too. Basically saying that Clark has been too cavalier with his powers and not factored in the harm he’s causing people as he attempts to save the day.

  8. Best FUCKING episode yet guys! :)

    My Oppinons:

    1. Costumes are always a problem. Batman’s a guy in advanced military gear. Wonder Woman should be in Grecian armor. Superman’s outfit should essentially be a TYPE of space suit. Explaining the cape is tough though.

    2. Movies should go thusly: 1-Luthor 2-Luthor makes Metallo 3-Brainiac hijacks Metallo’s dead body 4-Doomsday is released from Brianiac’s ship (because Brainiac could never kill him after learning about him) 5-President Luthor w/Parasite 6-Darkseid

    3.Superman must: Fly, ice breath, heat vision, invulnerability, speed fly and run but not speed “do stuff”, Xray vision, hearing, sight

    4. the best villains for superman are either beings as powerful as he is, smarter than him who are willing to put him through some sort of gauntlet, or villains who can bring superman down to their level of power (like Metallo or Parasite).

    5. I think Superman is never relateable when he complains about the “woe is me” stuff. I think he’s very relateable when he talks about not liking another hero much like JLU did in the CLASH episode where he fights Captain Marvel. As a hero, he relates. As a being on the planet, he does not.

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