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  1. I like Tuesday’s facial expressions as Stephen and Matthew introduce themselves. Indifference leading to Rage. Even in a fictitious world, Matthew can’t avoid the hate.

      • But I like Matthew.

        And it’s appreciated…

        People are allowed to dislike me based on what they see and hear on the show, so long as they remember that what one sees and hears on the show isn’t all there is to see or hear. Mileage, as always, may vary…

        • I like Matthew too (wanted to make that clear). He just seems to be a meat shield of hate-absorbin’. He takes it in stride, though… and I appreciate that.

          He’s always struck me as the John Madden to Stephen and Rodrigo’s Pat Summerall. The result is an often imitated, never duplicated pod-cast team.

          Rockolla = Boom.

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