If you listened to the Major Spoilers Podcast first thing this morning, then you’ve heard the news already. But just in case you missed it, all six Star Wars movies are going to get the 3-D treatment for 2012.

Visual effects supervisor John Knoll said Lucasfilm is committed to ensuring that the 3D conversion delivers results as good as a movie shot and authored in 3D. Knoll said that it’ll be used to make the experience more immersive and he’ll avoid some of the more jarring, exaggerated uses of 3D that have marked previous stereoscopic pics.

Some in H’Wood are claiming this decision by George Lucas as proof that 3-D movies aren’t going away.  A quick look at the declining box office returns of 3-D movies proves otherwise.  The only thing this decision proves, is H’wood and LucasFilm believes they can dupe the audience into buying yet another ticket to the same movie they’ve already seen a dozen times.  Unfortunately, I think they will be proven right as I’m going to guess many will line up to see Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace when it returns to theaters in 2012.

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  1. i think this is totally stupid!! what is the point! why can’t he make a NEW star wars movie! or make a new franchise all together! Lucas hasn’t had a original idea wince 1977!!

    oh and i’ll be one of those idiots line up to see Episode 1!! if you can’t beat them join them!

  2. 3D is a gimmick that Star Wars doesn’t need. Lucas should just leave us to our nostalgia and stop trying to get more money from old films.

  3. Someone needs to stop Lucas for his own good, I’ll get the stake you guys hold him.

    Here’s how you can make more money Lucas: release a none upgraded with “*&?% CG blu-ray version of the original trilogy with interviews of the actors, back in the day and now. You’ll make millions on top of millions and WON’T PISS OFF STAR WARS FANS!!!

  4. I am glad I haven’t bought these movies in Blu-Ray yet…..wait until they come out in Blu-Ray 3-D to buy them for 4th time (not to mention my original vhs recordings when they were shown on HBO in the eighties.

  5. Lucasfilm/ILM/THX has done many things to pioneer the movie going experiance. With out ILM Michael Bay could only blow things up, not blow them up real good.

    Why don’t the House of the Jedi use it’s combined might to make 4-D movies? You rent a suit that looks like Paul M’Auadib’s from DUNE, even with the breathing tube, but you throw in a helmet that gives you stereophonic audio/visual stimulation that allows you to smell, see, feel, hear, and even taste the movie. Who wouldn’t want to feel the cold wind of Hoth? Or smell the seered flesh of Gredo? Or touch Slave Leia? Get cracking guys.

    • And the Pod Racing, and Anakin, and Watto, and Obi-Wan’s giant rat tail, and the focus of effects over script, and…..

  6. Maybe when Lucas is done rewashing his movies, he’ll finally get someone to make the next 3 Star Wars movies or Star Wars related stuff like that TV series they talked about.

  7. Still waiting for the return of SmellOVision. I’m sure THAT will save the film industry and get people back into the theaters.

    I miss the old George who wouldn’t have jumped on a bandwagon like this.

  8. I’m almost always bashing 3D as being overhyped and on and on, but I’ll probably go and see these movies again. Maybe I’ll be able to do what I do for other 3D releases, buy the cheaper ticket to the slightly smaller theater and watch the 2D version. Either way, I think I’d like to see this one in 3D if they upconvert the right way and take the appropriate amount of time and only make the necessary things 3D. Most of the reasons I hate 3D movies is that they know it’s going to be 3D when they’re making it and then do a lot of really stupid and often ridiculous things so that it’ll look cool coming at the viewer (i.e. throwing a spear to a comrade like a frisbee in Clash of the Titans so that the spear goes flipping end over end sideways). I’ve avoided the newest Resident Evil for the same reasons, the previews showed tons of swords and other melee type weapons that are being thrown or swung at the screen solely so it’ll look cool in 3D. With Star Wars there are light sabers and things like that and I think I’d like to see what a 3D movie would look like or could look like if done correctly and the 3D effects weren’t the sole intention of the way the characters interacted with one another.

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