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  1. I certainly hope it isn’t the end.

    I saw somewhere, recently, something that implied that Kirkman initially intended to run the series to 100 issues and then end it (and, obviously, not likely happily) but that there was a chance that the new television series was making him reconsider and possibly extending it to 200 issues.

    That may just be me overspeculating based on a few words on a blog somewhere, but I certainly hope that, when the series does it, its somewhere closer to issue #200 than it is to issue #80.

  2. Adlard nails the look on Rick’s face. For a character that has been through a lot of shit with not much surprising him anymore, those deathly eyes really mean that this arc is going to be huge.

  3. Kirkman has always said that he has a rough idea about where the series is going. He has said before that he has up to issue 200 planned in his head. Though he said he would keep writing the series as long as people are enjoying it. There has also been speculation of killing off Rick and following another character as the main protagonist. I’m not ready to see Rick go but eventually I can see the series following Abraham or eventually Carl.

  4. maybe a completely different group, leave with a question to their ultimate fate, but introduce another group of survivors…. with a new series coming out it would be a good stepping on point for anyone curious. eventually whats left of the two groups could meet… you know, now that i type that i cant stop thinking about the tailies from lost.

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