When it comes to running an idea into the ground, the monster genre crossing over with the superhero universe seems to be played out.  Yet the publishers continue to crank out content. This week, we’re picking on Marvel and their attempts to make the two genres cross with each other in a big big way.


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  1. With Franken-castle already done, I’m waiting for Were-verine, Cap the friendly ghost, and Namor Vs. The Creature from the Black Lagoon. (Can we count Apocalypse as a Mummy?)

    When it comes to Vampires versus the Undead however, you have to go with what started the hype in the first place. Marvel Zombies eat the brains of the Vamps before they get a chance to fall into emo love triangles.

    • Did you catch the Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness crossover? With the way the polls were going last month, I thought for sure we’d have the Marvel Werewolves in here…

    • There is a great scene in the Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness that features a zombified Howard the Duck that’s definitely worth checking out.

  2. Zombies, they had a solid run then they overused them and went for vampires. Zombies were so overused that vampires (other monster heroes turn into) are completely uninteresting to me so I haven’t (and don’t plan to) read a single issue of the new vampire stories at Marvel.

    The first run of Marvel Zombies was superb, mainly because anything could happen because it wasn’t part of the 616 continuity. The vampire thing is part of continuity so we know the status quo will eventually return.

    @Brian G: read Ash Vs. Marvel Zombies, at the very end we see a Were-verine.

  3. …sorry, but I can’t vote on this…

    I loved the zombies while they were in Ultimate FF (creepy and very well used…), but that’s about it for Marvel zombies for me…

    And I can’t stand vampires (in all their forms…)…

    So no vote from me…sorry…

  4. The more I vote on these things; the more I realize how I’m not in sync with the fans.

    I hate zombies. I really hate zombies. And the reason for that is because the rule that says they must win. I hate that. Vampires, on the other hand, can do either. Win, lose, get away, shine, have half-breed children that want to kill them. So many possibilities. I like possibilities. I hate it when things are set in stone.

  5. We need an option for none of the above, (or apes) but I went with vampires due to the zombies being run into the ground faster than they can rise.

  6. I am abstaining from voting. I don’t care for either Marvel Monster. There are all together to many zombie, vampire, and monster-of-the-week story lines. Have the writers really run out of new ideas or recycled old villians that they have to resort to these story ideas? What’s next, Avengers vs Godzilla/Mothra/other 50s monster?

  7. Zombies. Marvel Zombies was the first TPB I ever bought. I liked the story of that first book so much that I went nuts and bought everything through Marvel Zombies 4 before I realized that 3 and 4 sucked. Now I’m a little gun-shy about picking up the next 2 books.

    Vampires are so over used (as are zombies) that I just don’t care anymore. But in a fight, Zombies win. Only since one bite and the Vampires will find themselves switching sides.

  8. No option for “Marvel Monkeys”? Seriously, I thought zombies was kinda funny until they ran it into the ground, but I am still gobsmacked that Marvel came of the highly successful one-two punch of Dark Reign: Utopia and then Second Coming and then immediately decided that what the X-Men really needed was a months-long, overcomplicated supernatural melodrama … with Dracula, no less.

    I propose Marvel put out a 12-month miniseries in which all the superheroes are killed, mummified, sent back in time to be buried in a big-ole Egyptian tomb, and then unleashed on an unsuspecting Victorian England some 3000 years later. They’ll all have superpowers but still be wrapped in bandages and forced to walk very, very slow. It’ll be brilliant.

  9. I wonder if other people voted on this the same way I did. Since I didn’t have the option to vote for neither, I voted for Zombies. My rationale for doing this is that I’m sick of Zombies. That may not make sense, but because they ran the whole zombie thing into the ground and then dug it up and ran it back into the ground some more, I’m hoping that we’re on the tail end of that whole craze. With Vampires, if it’s even moderately successful, which statistically it may be because it’s in the main 616 and people are still going to buy the titles they always buy (more or less), then I’m afraid we’re in for the same thing with Vampires that we got with Zombies but with the addition of everyone being tired of this before it even starts. So, I suppose I went with the evil I knew over the evil I didn’t.

    I’d rather see the Marvel U done up in the style of Killer Klowns from Outer Space!!! Besides, clowns are creepier right off the jump than any Zombie/Vampire/Werewolf any day.

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