We’ve already speculated who should play the Man of Steel in the next Superman movie, but the buzz surrounding the film today is, who will direct the film?

Mike Fleming over at Deadline believes he has the short, short list gathered together from his sources on the inside.

  • Tony Scott (Unstoppable)
  • Matt Reeves (Let Me In)
  • Jonathan Liebesman (Battle: Los Angeles and Clash of the Titans 2)
  • Duncan Jones (Source Code)
  • Zack Snyder (Sucker Punch)

Of everyone on the list, I personally am pulling for Zack Snyder. He has a very unique look in all his films (Watchmen, 300, Sucker Punch) that I think compliments any comic book based movie he takes on. Plus, he understands special effects and how to use his budget effectively to tell a dynamic story. He already has three movies with Warner Bros. under his belt, and though we don’t know how well the Owls of Ga’Hoole will do until Monday, he’s already made the studio a crap ton of money (Watchmen – $185,258,983 and 300 – $456,068,181). The combined monetary draw of Nolan and Snyder on a Superman film makes the choice seem like a no brainer. My guess is we’ll find out who the go to guy is before the end of the year.

via Deadline


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  1. I’m not such a fan of Zack Snyder (most of his movies fall flat for me once the wow factor has passed), but on the other hand I don’t know any of the other directors on this list. Except maybe Tony Scott, but I don’t know what he’s been doing since Top Gun, so…

  2. As long as Snyder can break out of the grittiness and brutality of his other films, he’s got my vote. Yes, Superman should be over-the-top and exaggerated, but I’m not really interested in seeing the man of steel turn some mook’s neck all the way around while looking grizzled.

    • I don’t want Superman killing people and ripping heads off, that’s not who he is, but I definitely will be extremely disappointed if we don’t finally get a Superman movie where he can actually use his super strength to punch something HARD. I know Superman isn’t all about the punch and kick and only using his super strength to defeat a foe, I know that. But I’m sick of taking a character as strong as Superman and pitting him against a) a human non-powered villain and b) a really lame Lex Luthor who channels too much Gene Hackman and only wants land. I’m a fan of Lex Luthor as a villain, I think he’s Superman’s greatest foe but he’s never been portrayed as a real threat. I’d possibly like to see the angle of Lex hiring or siding with someone else that is a formidable physical threat to Superman and I’d be fine with the Lex armor too. Give me some anger (not completely gritty or anything) and some fight in the Man of Steel.

  3. I haven’t liked any of Snyder’s films and I’m more interested in someone who can tell a good story. Neither Raimi nor Favreau were experts at CGI when they went into their superhero movies, so I don’t think that’s a prerequisite. Plus, the problem with “Superman Returns” wasn’t the effects. They looked great. It was the other stuff.

    The guy on the list that I’m curious about is Duncan Jones. He did “Moon” and “Source Code” looks promising. Or they could just quite screwing around and get Aronofsky.

  4. Doctor Sleepless on

    I don’t know if I “lover” any of these guys for the assignment. But Duncan (Son of David Bowie) Jones made MOON. And while MOON is far from the type of movie “Man Of Steel” will turn out to be, I cant help but feel more optimistic about it if he got the reins.

  5. Actually I take back my last comment.


    ME WANT!!!!

    I would never stop watching that movie if it came out. However it will probably not happen instead we’ll get a Nolan-Snyder movie which is such a bad combination.

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