When Smallville’s season premiere kicks off on Friday, Clark will need to save the Daily Planet from crushing those street side.  It’s very Superman Returns in the gimmick, but it’s the moment fans will get to see Clark fly… kinda…

I know there are others that say Clark is flying, but the shot of him stepping on the cab, comes off more as leaping to great heights rather than taking flight.

What do you think? Is Smallville’s Clark Kent a Leaper or a Flyer?


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  1. Total jump. Though, the falling globe stopped for a moment before reascending to the top of the building, which might indicate that Clark ‘double-jumped’ :)

    But he still jumped.

  2. Definitely jump/leap, like Superman when he first appeared. (For some reason most of my friends always forget he originally did not fly)

  3. Started as a jump, ended as flying. Objects jumping vertically don’t just come to a stop and then continue on an upward path. It would also keep him going up and over the building, not allowing him to land where he wanted.

    Started as Kal-L, ended as Kal-El.

  4. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound (check!) combined with catching a heavy object and not breaking momentum (i.e, flying) – check!

  5. I thought that I’ve seen better rendered special effects (i.e. the globe) in fan films on YouTube and I still hate his Batman/Neo costume. I’d rather he just wear his plain old street clothes if it’s down to that, at least those were almost always some combination of red and blue.

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