All Star Superman is getting the animated treatment, and now we have the first trailer for the film.

I never did finish the Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely book because it didn’t hit me in the right way. This trailer makes the story seem much more interesting, and I may have to read the rest of the series before the movie arrives just to see how much is/was changed.

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  1. This is the first I’ve heard of this project. I can’t find any information mentioning Bruce Timm anywhere. I’m not sure how I feel about that. On that note, I’m not sure how I feel about buying a movie based on a Grant Morrison book either. I read the first 3 issues of the comic. I know people regaurd this story as one of the best DC has to offer. I couldn’t find myself more borred with it however. Movie looks like more of Superman: Doomsday with a slight twist based on the trailer. I’m really going to have to see if I want to buy this or not. … just having a decision to make sucks for the collector in me.

  2. I’ll rent it but I can’t say I’m excited about this. Superman: Doomsday was great because they took a drawn out and fairly lousy storyline, trimmed all the fat, and made it into a very enjoyable movie. I think Morrison/ Quietly’s story will suffer greatly if all the side stuff and the quiet moments are removed.

    This was one of the books that got me back into comics after over a decade away so sadly I’m sure I will be disappointed at all my favorite moments winding up on the cutting room floor.

  3. it’s not just one of the best Superman story, it is one of the best comic book ever.

    the trailer looks good. can’t wait to see this

  4. I imagine it reads better as a trade. Can’t really say because I never read them as floppies, but given the scope of the story, I’m hard-pressed to imagine it working as a monthly.

    I read both volumes and enjoyed them a lot.

  5. Doctor Sleepless on

    I have a bad feeling that they won’t be able to adapt this properly. I heard they cut out everything with the Bizarro homeworld. And with the Quitley-influence missing….

    Well fingers crossed anyway.

  6. Epic fail! I have bought only one of the DC home movies which may I add was on sale for $5 and that was the Batman Gotham Knights which is based around brief vignettes. This is not a storyline that can be easily compressed into 80 mins. Unless the Jimmy Olsen issue of the series is presented as a 10 min. short it will not be good.

    • Of all the movies, THAT is the one you buy? (BTW, that movie is supposed to be continuity with Batman Begins and TDK as well.)

      I would recommend:

      Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths – if you were a fan of JL/JLU because it was originally intended to bridge the gap between the two shows but was reworked into this movie.

      Green Lantern: First Flight – because Victor Garber was brilliant as Sinestro and it was a pretty good movie with a familiar plot.

      Wonder Woman – for some really good action violence.

      Batman: Under the Red Hood – because Jensen Ackles plays a damn good Jason Todd.

      Superman/Batman: Public Enemies – because it’s so far the most faithful adaptation they’ve made yet. IMO

      • Why did I buy Gotham Knights? Because it was $5.

        With the exception of Red Hood and Wonder Woman I’ve seen all of those releases plus Frontier and I enjoyed them but my biggest problem? Why are 80 min. movies $20? Why are there two disc editions with nothing more then episodes of the original shows when I have them on DVD already or will eventually. Sorry I’m not saying by any means they were bad but I could not justify to myself spending $20 on movies while enjoyable I don’t think I could watch over and over again.

        Looking at Amazon right now I see there are some deals so maybe I would reconsider it in the future but in anyone else a little disappointed with the original price point for these movies?

        • They are making them cheaper. And besides, they do release 3 different versions. I usually buy from Target and can get:

          Just the movie- $13/$14
          Movie with special features and bonus cartoon- $20
          Blu-ray – … no idea how much because I’m not buying it. I know it’s more.

          I started buying the $20 version when they put the bonus cartoons in them. Now that they’re going the way Pixar did with their animated shorts and collecting them in seperate DVD’s, I’ll buy the $13 version then buy the collection extra. Besides … the collection is coming with a previously unreleased short anyway (Superman/Shazam: The Return of Black Adam with the Green Arrow, Spectre, and Jonah Hex shorts).

          Pricing doesn’t seem to bother me at all. It feels feature length.

    • how can you say ‘epic fail’ when you haven’t seen the movie yet. of course they will remove and change a lot of stuff, but it can still be a very good movie that stand on its own. i have a few examples in mind, but saying them would be useless as somebody will say that most of them are bad.

      anyway, we have to stop comparing comics and their movie adaptations. if you don’t want to care about the movie, the comic is still there, go read it.

      • I won’t go so far as to say “epic fail”, then again I don’t use that particular phrase, well, ever. I can say that to me, someone who has never read the story it comes from and might be seeing it like someone who’s more unacquainted with comics than most of us are, I think it looks kinda terrible. I always reserve my official opinion until after seeing the entire movie but based on my lack of knowledge of this storyline and just watching the trailer I have no interest in seeing the movie. One of the things I like about the Gotham Knights movie that came out was that it tried different animation styles for all the different little vignettes. I like the Bruce Timm style, it took me pretty much until Batman: The Animated Series was off the air to start liking that style but I’m used to it now, I just don’t see why they don’t ever try anything else. If it’s a direct continuation of JLA/JLU then fine but if not, I’d like to see them change it up. I’ll continue to watch regardless and enjoy, but I don’t like the idea that “whelp, this works, we’re done”, no more attempts at doing new things with the art style. Similar in style, but I like what Batman: Brave and the Bold is doing, going with that 50’s TV show kind of kid-friendly vibe but somehow it still feels different from the straightforward Bruce Timm style. I don’t know, I know there are tons of fans out there for the Timm style. Maybe the best thing to do is if they ever decide to make a movie involving some of the lesser known characters like a full Jonah Hex or something, using the different style. Wait, they did right, with the short that they made? Maybe that’s exactly what DCE is doing, all Justice League related stuff is Timm style and switch it up if they ever branch out.

  7. gilberto nieves on

    looks interesting to me, i’ll buy it and will probably go back and buy the trades
    cause i passed on the single issues.

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