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  1. err… where are all the guys from the teasers they released? falcon, misty knight, paladin, etc?

    also, what could you possibly pay ghost rider?

      • pregnant unwed teenage mothers first borne would have been my guess. But i could be wrong considering he’s an angel now and therefore subject to vactican dogma now. or whatever writer is hooking him to.

    • And how much would you pay Danny Rand, for that matter, isn’t he already a multimillionaire? Or is this some kind of Scrooge McDuck mentality on his part, where he still wants to work for his buck despite being rich?

  2. Jeeez they are putting just about everyone except Power Man in this damn group. What happened to heroes with morals who did good for goodness sakes? Even Matt Murdock aka Mr. Shadowlands doesn’t take payment for killing off the bad guys.

    • Doctor Sleepless on

      Unlike Beast and Valkyrie, Moon Knight and Nova are not on the Secret Avengers static-roster, they are just on call. Ironfist however I thought was on the New Avengers. Good for him doing his own thing away from Cage, he would make Jewel a third wheel now that she is coming back. Unless of course he is doing both…

      Awesome roster anyhow.

  3. I like the idea of heroes being on multiple teams and having multiple affiliations. It’s the Marvel Universe, it’s a big sandbox to play with. I already trust Abnett and Lanning. Can’t wait to see the premise that shows the reason for all of heroes and anti-heroes to come together and work for “hire”.

  4. I like everyone’s design on that cover except for Punisher, I hate his new squat square head look. It makes me think of a character from an Image comic from the ’90s. Hope that goes away soon.

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