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    • Well someone is suppose to die at the end of the New Avengers arc so my bets are on Doctor Voodoo, which sucks because I actually like the character.

  1. I try to not be a J.R. Jr “hater”…I really do. But I just don’t cotton to that artwork. And the fact that T’Challa isn’t included in that group (one of the smartest men in the world, ruled a nation for years, kicks major ass) is unfortunate.

    I’m also not sure how they are going to pull that group together considering that most of them are now “sucking hind tit” in the Superhero world. Reed Richards can’t even keep his daughter from running off to Dr. Doom, Stephen Strange loses the title of “Sorcerer Supreme” to Dr. Voodoo and then becomes “random guest star”, Professor X is put on the shelf by his top student for being a manipulating douchebag; Tony Stark is a recovering control freak who damn near handed the world to The Green Goblin and Medusa’s been somewhere in space playing with the Kree, Skrulls and Shiar’i after Black Bold fall down and go BOOM. Plus your group’s main claim to fame was that they sent the Hulk into space, resulting in him kicking their collective asses and now there’s more hulks running around than X-Men titles. Yep, dey is SMMMAAARRRRT.

  2. Doctor Sleepless on

    I love the concept of the Illuminati, but I still think they haven’t been handled properly. Its going to be nice to see them again like this. That being said, Shouldn’t Cyclops replace Xavier? And with T’challa and Namor having resigned aren’t they slightly underpowered?

  3. Does this mean that Marvel is ending the Heroic Age soon? This sure smells of cross over event. I hope they make it interesting and not a third-rate political intrigue story.

  4. The I-word Conspiracy is a good idea, but not one that works in superheroic context, and certainly not in the Marvel Universe.

    This is the series that gave us a Reed who understands EVERYTHING (with the sole exception of humanity and how people actually act), it gave us Herr Gruppenfuhrer Schtark and his Iron Legions, it furthered the implications that Charles Xavier is a giant brainwashing monster…

    T’Challa having a different role makes me quite happy, as this particular concept hasn’t really gelled with the Marvel Universe as a whole, and the status quo wouldn’t snap back quite as easily for him. (Also worth noting: EVERY one of the Illuminati have had big dramatic revampings in the wake of the original I-word miniseries, in part because of the damage it did to their underpinnings.)

    • JrJr was one of my favorites for quite a while. I think his best work was while he was on Daredevil with Nocenti. He’s always been stylized, well…ever since the mid 80s at least. it just appears that he’s not putting in much time on this stuff over the past couple years.

  5. Sorry, the only thing I thought of when I saw Medusa replacing Black Bolt was thought bubbles of the other guys saying, “Finally, someone who can speak up at meetings”

  6. I honestly cannot distinguish this one picture from most of JRJR’s other work. Someone help me understand how this particular drawing is any worse (or better or different) from most of JRJR’s previous work (possibly excepting outlier work on Spiderman and Daredevel…maybe)?

    As a comic lover I get that some popular artists will not be my cup of tea. Mileage varies, yadda yadda yadda. But JRJR always looks just like this to me. These are the same faces, the same style, same poses that have had me scratching my head since the 1980’s. So what makes this relatively “bad”?

  7. The problem with John Romita Jr’s art is KLAUS JANSON. A few years ago he (for some crazy reason) decided Klaus’ “scratchy” (and I’m being really nice there) inking was perfect for his art; and now has him ink everything he does (he admitted this in an interview I read a while back.) And ever since then, everyone complains about his stuff (and apparently JrJr hasn’t caught on yet, or doesn’t agree.)

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