Mark Waid is Misunderstood

This issue: Mark Waid, Chief Creative Officer of BOOM! Studios, stops by to talk comics, copyright, and file sharing.


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    • Posted the above before actually listening to the podcast, I can’t believe he said that in a room full of his peers. I’m adding him to my list of real life heroes, at the exact opposite of real life villain Monsento, a company who has patents on some of the human genome, they LITERALY own part of your genetic makeup for Pete’s sake!

      I get that we live in a capitalistic society, but we can’t put a price or own everything.

  1. I was taken by surprise by this MSP, THANK YOU STEPHEN!!!
    I have talked to Mark a few times at conventions and he is a modest guy, he has now earned hero status in my book, alongside Kirby, O’Neil, and Toth.

  2. So Mark Waid has only 95 years left to live? You called it then. 95 years from now when he finally dies you can say “I told you so.”

    Good interview.

  3. Definitely one of my favorite interviews ever on this site. Thanks MSP gang! Mark Waid more than made up for the longtime between interviews.

    Favorite “quotes”:

    Mixed tapes did not kill the music industry.
    I don’t see these as missed sales; I see them as opportunities!

    Stephen, you did a great job!

  4. Fantastic interview Stephen! I love listening to an intelligent and enlightening interview, especially in pop culture. It felt like you and Mark just had a conversation, and that is the sign, to me, of a great interview. You guys just flat out rock! Keep up the good work!

  5. Nice interview, interesting to listen to.
    The 95 years of copyright surprised me. I hadn’t realised it had gone up again. There’s something I find kind of sad about it, 95 years is a long time. People, companies, should have moved on by then, instead of clinging desperately to past ideas.

  6. Excellent, Excellent interview.

    Really well done Stephen!!

    I didn’t know much about Mark Waid before, and knew nothing of this speech that he made, but after listening to this interview I have a really great respect for him and an understanding of what he was trying to say about copyright and file sharing etc.

    What a down to earth and level headed guy he is!!

    Get him back SOON!!


    • Thanks for the kind words. I did speak to Boom! yesterday about getting Waid back soon, but he is so busy I doubt we’ll get him back in the next 30 days… Personally, I would love to get Waid on once a month and do our own version of The Bendis Tapes…

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