Major Spoilerite Frank and his wife made it to the annual Dragon Con in Atlanta, Ga.  They were nice enough to take some pictures from the parade and the show floor.

Have you been, or are you planning to go to a comic book convention?  Want to share your photos with the world?  Be sure to drop me a line at


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  1. Wow. Some great obscure ones in there. Let’s see, the Ookla one was great, the sleestak was awesome, and who wouldn’t love the Mach 5, but I have some questions.

    Why was Captain America furry?

    Was the Creeper ever a woman in the comics?

    Was the guy in the helmet supposed to be The Stig?

    Was the silver guy a Star Trek reference, or from something else?

    Funny. The photo parade isn’t usually an ACTUAL parade. :D

  2. At Dragon Con they get them to go on parade through Atlanta, and if you have ever been in Atlanta at this time of year you know that 100+ temps and 100% humidity and costumed parades do not mix well. Usually these poor souls come back inside covered in flopsweat, thier face makeup running down thier chests and thier costumes mostly stripped off. I -believe- they got fortunate that weekend in that it was unusually cool.

  3. 1. Maybe Captain America moonlights as a Furry and wanted to unite his passions.
    2. No, the Creeper was never a woman, but given the trend of gender-switching in comics, it might happen.
    3. “Stig” was on the license plate of the car. It may have been the Southern Stig.
    4. I have no idea who the silver guy is. You may be thinking of Frank Gorshin’s character who was painted black on one side and white on the other.

    I took a lot more pictures, but these were the most unique.

  4. The silver fallen angel guy—and his whole group—-was just amazing! Great look. I ran into them at night and got some fantastic photos. I ended up seeing them sporadically throughout the convention and they were one of the best groups there :)

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