Kotobukiya is pleased to announce the arrival of OTACOOL 3: WORLDWIDE WORKSPACES! This will be Koto’s 3rd inaugural release from the OTACOOL series.

A new OTACOOL release means a new concept. Opening doors to another global collection of intriguing images submitted by fans in collaboration with world famous OTAKU devotee and leader Danny Choo.

The third rendition of OTACOOL features “DESKTOPS” from around the world.
Desktops are part of everyone’s daily lives. Some people may seek efficiency as their priority where as some may go out of their way to craft their own custom layout venturing into a high level of creative expression.

OTACOOL 3 introduces a wide range of both private and daily workspaces that reflects each individual’s rich personality and lifestyle. From over 33 countries, 184 desks are shared with in-depth interviews of Japanese creators from various fields including photographers, a horror history anthologist, magazine editors, illustrators, scriptwriters, digital sculptors, musicians and more. Readers will also get a comprehensive history of how the ideal Otaku workspace was created by Danny Choo with some great tips on organization and room lighting. If you have ever wondered where your favorite creators work this is definitely a book that will give you some great images along with the insight on how to create your own OTACOOL room!
 The desks of Japanese creators
 Let’s visit their studio! (Nitroplus Co., LTD.)
 WORLDWIDE WORK SPACES more and more!
 The man who found his Japanese dream – Danny Choo

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