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  1. I guess they have 6-15 seconds to fill in between commercials for facial cream and Axe deodorant… Teases they all are. It’s going to be interesting to see what’s to come.

    • Nope. “Smallville” has been it’s own sort of universe out there and frankly it’s been interesting to see what would happen if Superman had spent more time being “just” Clark Kent and developing his powers slowly, almost like the way that the origin of Earth-Two Superman developed over the years. It’s been a fun series, especially in the last couple of years with more and more of the characters from the “regular” DCU worked in. Since the whole premise of Smallville has been “Clark Kent before there was a Superman” it makes sense that the series would end (I’m assuming) with the start of Clark becoming Superman.

    • I wish they wouldn’t bring the costume in at all. It just doesn’t look good on actual people–it only works in the comics. They’d have to radically redesign it to make it work. In fact, I’d rather they create a new costume altogether….

  2. I just hope when Brainiac 5 shows up, he brings some of his Legion pals with him. I am surprised to say that I am looking forward to this season, and intend to watch every episode.

    • Nah, they won’t do that. I think Nabu will talk her into a quest or play a role a situation that keeps her from being onscreen for half the season.

      I have hopes that they will weave plot threads throughout the season that culminate with the rumored series ending reappearances of Lana and Lex (maybe Chloe if she disapears earlier in the season).

      Based on comments made by the Legionaries last season, I bet Chloe will make some sort of ultimate sacrifice that will either wipe her from the time stream, erase her history with Clark, or erase his memory of her knowing his secret. In any case, when the series wraps up, the Smallville universe and Superman’s origin will more closely mimic DCU proper. Who’s taking bets?

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