Unboxing Hasbro’s Galactus 19-inch Figure


The Galactus 19-inch Deluxe Figure from Hasbro, finally arrived at the Major Spoilers headquarters this weekend. Take the jump for a quick look at the figures as I break the collector rule, by taking them out of the box.

As a figure, Galactus is massive.  At 19-inches high, it is by far the largest action figure in the Major Spoilers Action Figure Collection, dwarfing the Marvel Legends Apocalypse figure by a good six inches or so.  The Marvel 3 3/4″ line is quite popular, but for me, they are a bit small.  While having a Silver Surfer in the box is nice, I found, right out of the box that his joints were already super loose, making it very difficult to pose the figure.

On the plus side, now that DC Direct has their own line of 3 3/4″ figures, massive crossover events are bound to happen.

Action figure crossovers just around the corner

While the smaller figure line continues to be popular, I much prefer the 6-inch figures. It would have been really cool if Hasbrol had created a 27-inch figure as it would have worked in the six-inch line, and would totally have made the 3 3/4″ figures tremble at the sight of the Devourer of Worlds.

Back to Galactus, as far as the sculpt goes, it is a super design. The figure is surprisingly poseable, and it is solid enough that getting it to stand under its own weight is an easy task. I like the transparent area on top of the head that allows the jewels to light up, and when you press the Galactus voice button the eyes and head light up to create an imposing figure.  Of course the light isn’t bright enough easily be seen in the daylight, but firing it off at night causes quite the glow.

The price for this figure is all over the place, I’ve heard you can find this figure at Target for $50.00, and I’ve seen online stores sell it for $65.00.  If you ordered it through Diamond, or picked it up at the San Diego Comic Con the price skyrockets to $100.00.  It’s a nice figure, sure, but not worth that much scratch.


If you are looking to recreate you favorite comic book covers, at some point you are going to need a Galactus figure.  The sculpt is great, it is super massive, and it makes a great addition to the action figure collection.

Rating: ★★★★☆