Marvel Sneak Peek: DeadpoolMAX #1


Marvel has announced a new MAX title featuring Deadpool, and if this series is anything like previous MAX line tales, I may be picking this up when it is released in October.  Marvel sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek that you can check out, after the jump.

Written by DAVE LAPHAM
Pencils & Cover by KYLE BAKER

When there’s a problem that’s bigger than any government, special ops team, or C.I.A. smart bomb can solve, they call in the one man crazy enough to solve it: Deadpool. Hammerhead has amassed the world’s most powerful criminal organization and it’ll be up to Deadpool to go in undercover to bring the whole thing tumbling down. And no Deadpool story would be complete without an appearance from Agent Bob! Can Deadpool complete his mission before being sidetracked by a busty French Maid? Will Bob be able to keep Wade on target?

The $3.99 issue arrives October 06, 2010.

via Marvel