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Archie Comics—publisher of last month’s fang-tastic “Twilight” parody—is giving Twilight and Archie fans alike another edition to sink their teeth into with “Twilite: Part 2 of 2”! In comic shops on September 9th, ARCHIE & FRIENDS #147 continues the thrilling tale of Ivan, Jared and the mortal teens who love them!

Now that the smoldering-hot Ivan has revealed his darkest secret to Veronica, her feelings for him only deepen, but Ivan has bigger problems. A full moon has risen over Riverdale and he must get to Jared before his dark truth causes much greater damage than a broken heart! It’s an intense conclusion to the thrilling tale of mythic teen romance! Can mere mortals like Archie and Reggie compete against supernatural Casanovas to protect Riverdale and the girls they love?

Featuring the breathtaking art of Bill Galvan and the smart script of Angelo DeCesare, the midnight romance thriller has been acclaimed across the internet by Twilight fans worldwide, including spots on, and MTV’s Splashpage!

The “Archie parody was actually way better than the source material. It’s unquestionably the best use of vampires in an Archie book since…. well, since this summer’s ‘Betty the Vampire Slayer vs. Vampironica’,” touted AOL’s Comics Alliance.

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ARCHIE & FRIENDS #147, “Twilite: Part 2 of 2” arrives at comic book stores September 9th! The full two-part story is available for order at The Archie Comic Shop, online at

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